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posts on 10/3/2006 7:13:07 PM i told them i was going to the attorney general and the fbi fraud unit. i had my tracking number within 24 hours.i mean at this point being nice isnt going to do a thing they are theives and they are still selling books to boot.good luck and i hope someone they are stopped soon and made to pay for all the crimes they commited. Theresa
posts on 10/3/2006 7:04:05 PM I have emailed Cory several times trying to get my book. At first he/she(not sure which)replyed that they would look into it. After that I have sent SEVERAL emails with no responce at all. What is up with this? I'm not sure if I will ever get another responce but I do keep trying. I'm of the mind that I threw my money away over 1 1/2 years ago when I purchased it. Does anyone have any answers?? Please???
posts on 10/1/2006 1:08:32 AM Elizabeth, I first e-mailed cory Sept. 22 and told him the deadline was Sept. 29. I didn't hear from him so Friday night I e-mailed him again and told him that on Monday I would be reporting him. At this point I am not holding out much hope that I will get my book.

posts on 9/30/2006 3:16:41 AM I the person who has been helping via a complaints line. I don't have you on my list. When you wrote that friday is the deadline, did you mean deadline for your 7 day warning? Have you sent me an complaint? if not, send one via joycomplaints at that famous email which starts with a Y. The reason I ask for this is if he has not sent you a tracking number, sometimes a warning from me will jump start him. As for bankruptcy, I have not heard that Joy has filed this. I do know that she had a court date on foreclosure on her house, but that is all I heard. If anyone can verify the bankrutpcy rumor please do so. Her residence is in MA.
posts on 9/30/2006 2:55:54 AM Hello, I actually sent a money order I still have the receipt, so I don't know if that hurts me more or what. I did email Cory in march or April and ask if they did get my payment and he emailed me back and said I was taken care of. Now unfortunately I didn't save this, as I didn't realize that there was a problem. I sure wouldn't trust her again, or is it him? It is anyones guess now I suppose. I will email them and let them know that I am reporting them to postal service and the attorney general on Monday. We will see if that helps at all. Thanks for the support and I will keep you updated.
posts on 9/29/2006 11:12:48 AM Nancy, I got curious after reading your post. As of today, there seems to be no record of her filing for bankruptcy. I hope you contact Cory again and tell him his time is up. Have you reported the bad transaction to your credit card company yet?
posts on 9/29/2006 12:42:41 AM Best of luck to you Nancy. I am sorry that you are still waiting. Please keep us updated as to your situation. I am hoping that you will get the email tomorrow with the tracking number, if not, maybe the bankruptcy rumor is valid. Regardless of the rumors, If you do not get a reply with a tracking number, I for one support you decission to go ahead and report. cayla
posts on 9/29/2006 12:22:52 AM Hello, I followed the advice given to try and get my book from Dara. I still have heard nothing and Friday is the deadline given. Monday I will be contacting the Attorney General's Office and the U.S. Postal Service to complain. Hopefully this will work. I ordered my book in April, 2005, so I have waited in vein it seems. I will be contacting Cory one more time. Tomorrow night as I don't get on till late to let him know that I will be reporting them. I have an address that I got from MS. Joy back in 1995 at the RT Convention and have seriously thought about writing her a very detailed letter about how she has treated her fans, when we were in her corner and cheered her on. Never again will I order one of her books unless she goes back to a reputable publisher. Off my soap box now.
posts on 9/26/2006 3:46:30 PM Tricia, Don't know for certain if Dara Joy is filing for bankruptcy, but even if she isn't you should still get your book. Others have had great success using the advice that Elizabeth provides from "joycomplaints" at that special "y" network. You will find info further back in this message board. (Please double check the address - I think that is correct.) Elizabeth recommends e-mailing Cory and being very firm and setting a time (like seven days from the day of your e-mail) for a response and a notice of mailing including tracking number with priority mailing. You must let them know that if they do not provide this info, you will notify the Mass. Atty Gen'l, and/or the US Postal Service fraud unit, and/or whatever credit card company that you used to pay for your book. Maybe Elizabeth will check in here and correct anything I have misstated. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
posts on 9/26/2006 8:44:46 AM Hello, On reading some of the recent posts I'd like to ask if anyone knows how to contact Dara or Cory apart from through house of sages or the Dara joy website. I ordered and paid for Wildcat Arrows in March 2005, 18 months ago and have not had answers to e-mails for months and months. I paid extra shipping costs 'cos I live in the UK so have ended up out of pocket by quite a lot of money. If they are going bankrupt I haven't a clue what to do to reclaim any money, please could someone advise me. Thankyou for reading this, Tricia
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