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posts on 9/26/2006 12:29:31 AM Hi Annette, Glad someone else loves these books too! I thought Zsadist's story of a tortured soul finding redemption through love was just wonderful. It made me though think of Traed's story which I thought would have been quite comparable. I did want to say that I hated to see some of the sniping going on. This reminds me in the past of Dara's web site when I dared to be critical of anything concerning Dara and got slammed for it. Hopefully, that won't happen here. And one more 2 cent opinion...The arguement that running a small business is difficult and that has kept the books from being delivered only holds up for about a month at most. This has been well over a year since money was collected and no product delivered. The truth is exactly has Elizabeth has stated here several times. We were treated in the exact same manner as Dara treated her publisher, Dorchester. We paid for a product in advance and it was not delivered. I have been reading romances since 1972 - my first The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss is still on my bookshelf, revered and reread many times. I have NEVER EVER EVER seen this situation happen with an author. Some get boring (like my beloved Kathleen Woodiwiss), but they at least kept the products coming. OK, off my soapbox!
posts on 9/24/2006 11:19:14 PM Jennifer, please may I suggest that you get that e-mail in to Cory using the statements suggested by Elizabeth. If Dara Joy is indeed filing for bankruptcy then you should (and anybody else she owes books to) get your complaints in. Maybe a bankruptcy is why she is sending out some books - to mimimize the list of people she will have to list in her bankruptcy petition. Once she is in court, the chances of getting your book or money back shrink to nil. This is your own choice, but if she owed me a book and was still taking orders and money for that book to this day, I would do what I could to recoup. Taking money while filing for bankruptcy (if she is)moves her one step closer to scam status and another step farther away from being poor misunderstood Dara Joy, in my opinion.
posts on 9/24/2006 8:58:09 PM Eft I am not being mean or nasty. I am being honest. I have not come on here calling you names, yelling or accusing you of anything. I never once said you couldn't state your opinion. I am stating a fact that came directly from you. And therefore can see why your opinion would be clouded. You say you received your book long ago. Try sitting for a year and a half receiving nothing when you could have put food on your table for your children instead with the 21.00 dollars you spent. Trying to treat yourself to something special for once because you can‘t afford anything else. With not even an apology. If you are so offended by the statements of the nature of your relationship you have told to others then don't say them. I am not going to sit here and argue with you about your own words. I could care less. I have given up on receiving my book. They can keep my money if it means so much to them. They are not the only ones that have problems in this world. Like you, I also have the right to state my opinion and have. As far as I'm concerned this conversation is over.

posts on 9/24/2006 7:32:39 PM jennifer, i don't recall ever speaking to you in dara's chatroom. and i don't know why you are throwing such slanderous and unfounded accusations my way. i know that i have never ever intimated any sexual relationship w/cory. there were many many conversations in the chatroom that could be considered risque and i certainly would have no hestitation to take part of those if i deemed them humorous enough. i am also not saying dara and cory have handled this situation very well. i simply put out possible reasons why getting books to people might be difficult which seems to me i am allowed to do. i also said that i loved wildcat arrows. i thought it was clever and very funny. again, i am allowed to state my opinion and people are allowed to disagree w/it. however, your misguided defamatory allegations against me have nothing whatsoever to do the discussion on this board or with what i had said earlier. if this is the kind of nastiness dara and cory are facing, i wouldn't respond to you either. e
posts on 9/24/2006 7:17:25 PM Hey Donna, read all three BDB to date and LOVE, LOVE them! They are the best books I have read in years next to Karen Marie Moning. The men are hot and the story line fresh. I only wish I was Bella.
posts on 9/24/2006 2:31:37 PM Eft, I do not lie. I was there. This was not some plan to thwart your defense of Dara Joy and Cory, it is a statement of fact, one that came from you dirrectly. Therefore though you, along with everyone else, have the right to state your opinion, do not try to pass off peoples anger towards not receiving what they paid for as a "Hate Cory Board". That is not what is going on here. These people have no where else to turn in this, because they can not speak to Dara dirrectly, who has so passivly disregarded this entire situation. A letter of apology to her fans would have gone a long way with many. But it must be beyond her to do so.
posts on 9/24/2006 12:37:37 PM Jennifer, i have not the foggiest idea who you are but i never at any point ever made any references to a sexual relationship with cory. my gawd, that accusation is just farcical. my sense of humor is what it is, some like it and some don't. but to completely make up something like that because this seems to be a hate cory board... i defend them because i truly think they are doing the best they can and because my best friend runs a small business and it is by no means an easy task. i am not saying that they are perfect or walk on water. i am just giving them the benefit of the doubt. to throw personal, nasty and untrue statements at someone who dares mention possible reasons as to why the books are taking so long to be delivered, well, i guess i have a right to my opinion and i can give it w/out being or saying anything ugly or personal about anyone else. e
posts on 9/24/2006 8:47:44 AM Eft, I visited the Dara Joy website years ago and remember you. More so for your ill-mannered humor than anything else. As a subject of fact, I also remember you telling people there that you and Cory were having an intimate relationship with each other of a sexual nature. Which this being the case, I can understand why you would see things from his point of view, rather than the view of others who have been caught up in this mess. Who ever this Cory person is, he has handled this situation very poorly by not keeping Dara's fans informed of what is going on. Severe lack of communication. Just because you seem to be fond of him does not produce any reason as to why this has gone so far. There is no excuse. Not one. If he is the one responsible for all that has happened here, I believe that Dara Joy has placed him in a position that he is unable to handle.
posts on 9/24/2006 2:48:01 AM I have also wondered about the lack of communication from Dara herself in the past two years really, as far as I can tell. Before Cory came on the scene, Dara gave interviews and there seemed no problem with Dorchester. Suddenly, this Cory person shows up and it's as if he took over and Dara disappeared - along with her career too it seems. All this fiasco aside, I really hope that Dara is okay personally. Something is just not right about this whole situation really with concerns to Cory. It's as if he has isolated Dara and is controlling this whole absurd situation. When she wakes up and kicks this guy out, I can only wish her Godspeed in trying to pick up the pieces of her life and career. From what I read on another site, she is declaring bankruptcy. This has all left me mourning the fact that Traed's story will never be told. I loved this character and waited for his story. I guess I have gone through a mourning period, realizing that Dara/Cory has cheated loyal fans (me) and then having to accept that my Traed's story will forever be left untold. Great story, great characters! What a waste! (But P.S., I have found another series that is awesome! It's by JR Ward and called the Brotherhood of the Black Dagger. It's a vampire romance series but quite different than the same old stuff published lately. I encourage you to check it out.)
posts on 9/24/2006 2:24:51 AM cory and dara seem to be going through a hellish time as far as i can tell. i have chatted w/them both many many times and i don't think dara or cory have tried to scam anybody. if anyone has ever tried to run a small business, you know how very very difficult it is to be successful w/out big funding. dara & cory have tried to take on an almost impossible task of creating a business out of thin air. i am lucky that i received wildcat so early on. i loved it. it was funny and clever and i still laugh when i think about certain scenes. the cover was not the greatest. so what. there will be a time when pricier covers w/hot models are affordable again. i have met real honest to goodness scam artists in my life and these two are not them. i do hope they are able to get everyone their books. i do understand the frustration but i also understand why they asked for the money so far ahead of time. cory is not creepy. he is just a nice and funny guy trying to keep up w/the supply and demand - it ain't easy. e.
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