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Anonymous posts on 11/22/2009 12:02:10 PM i must make a review of this book ..cant' somebody help me? pleeeaaassee :)
lorraine posts on 10/26/2009 7:13:36 PM I need help to remember the Koontz book featuring "Roy" as a murderer of people he considered having miserable lives. He also would tell himself "peach in ,green out" to control depression and dark thoughts.
Hullkid posts on 9/7/2009 7:58:17 PM Having just finished the 3rd Frankenstein book I must express my dissapointment. I think he just wrote it to satisfy all the question of "where is it". On the other hand I can't wait for another ODD THOMAS>

Morgan posts on 9/7/2009 7:49:21 PM I can't remember the names of Emily and Charlotte when tey get their new identities. Can anyone help me?? I need this for a book report.
Gman posts on 7/7/2009 7:24:06 PM Where iz the third Frankenstien?!!!!
karen posts on 3/1/2009 3:52:44 PM was wondering if one read your heart belongs to me and if it was good ?
Pretty posts on 2/28/2009 6:20:32 PM I loved this book (Tick Tock)! Does anyone know where it takes place, though? I have it down to Southern California, but no lower than that. Yippee! ^^ !
Cassidy posts on 2/28/2009 7:50:09 AM Ido not have a vcopy of this book i would like a detailed description of the lab put together by melonies father....
Jenny posts on 1/26/2009 5:50:14 PM It is due for release on 6th April. It was put back because of Hurricane Katrina. I loves the first 2 books and cant wait to get this one.
alton posts on 1/26/2009 11:33:31 AM why hasn't he released the thrid book in the frankenstien series. yet they are making a comic book out of them and i haven't read the last book.
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