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fatima viola posts on 12/28/2007 3:31:09 PM Ppauladking@AOL thisis apparently ms. marcellas' address
Tene posts on 12/10/2007 8:55:59 PM I really miss Brierley... a lot...
Rita Joy Cooper posts on 12/10/2007 9:59:29 AM What is up with the series? It does not make sense to publish this many books and not complete the story. I have noticed the books are not published in a yearly way. Two years is the time line for them? Please finish it. There has to be a way.

Laney posts on 11/9/2007 10:10:04 PM A year has gone by and still no fourth book. I'm still miffed. I'm still angry, I'm still WAITING. We aren't going to dissapear just because a year has gone by, I want my story to continue, it doesn't just end when the publishers say it does. It ends when the FANS are satisfied and I'm not. So get diana back, beg her and plead her, but get her back writing.
Anonymous posts on 10/16/2007 10:20:01 AM Diana Marcellas has no website but TOR forwards letters to their authors. She should know how many wait for the next book. TOR doesn't read this site, there is no mail possible but a letter is, they should know too.
Amber Naymon posts on 10/3/2007 7:22:40 PM i just finished reading the third book in this wonderful series.i have fallen in love with this story.i laughed,i cried,i thought it was amazing and now i find out that something is going on with the publishers and theres no more... i don't understand how you can publish part of a story.there are still so manny questions.i cant even find a web site for the author herself to let her know that there are so manny people out there who are really caught up in her writting and touched by her books if there is any way for her to read this please i need to know what happens to these characters please find a way to publish more books
Carrie posts on 8/24/2007 5:12:54 PM I absolutely loved all three books until I got to the ending. It seemed like you skipped a chapter and then you left it unended like there should be a fourth book. What happened? I was left with so many questions and I am very angry to learn that there isn't another book. How can you do this to your readers?
Susan posts on 8/18/2007 11:32:38 AM Is Diana Marcellas still alive? What's going on? I've been eagerly awaiting the final book in her wonderful series, she hasn't even had the baby yet! Even if you self publish it you'll make money,so if you are well, get to it!
Margaret posts on 7/29/2007 6:17:03 PM I can not believe any publisher would be so stupid as to not complete a series. This is not fair to their readers and prospectfully future clients ; who have very long memories], nor to the author. Please Diana find another publisher and finish the series, your the next Robin Hobb. This has to be completed, awaiting the next books :) Margaret [Australia]
Terry Luoma posts on 7/28/2007 9:22:14 AM I really hope you let Diana Marcellas write the ending for her series. I really got caught up in it and am VERY disappointed that there is no fourth book. The series is not complete - things are left hanging.
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