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Valerie posts on 4/24/2005 10:04:38 AM Funny, I just finished reading Street Dreams... and there is a side story in it taking place (it is mainly about Cindy, Peter's daughter). Rina has accessed some homicide files from Munich about the murder of her Grandmother and is trying solve the mystery of why her Grandmother was murdered. Faye's upcoming book, Straight into Darkness, actually just goes back to when her Grandmother's and the other 2 women's murders are being investigated (I checked- Rina actually mentions the name Axel Berg while she is researching). So, this upcoming book is still actually kinda part of the Rina/Peter series. Kinda neat if you ask me. (I'm a series freak- but I'd much rather have the author write a nice little off-shoot then write a really bad continuance of the actual series itself). Comes out in August. =)
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