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posts on 10/6/2006 10:49:38 PM Expecting our third child and being avid readers of the series, my husband and I are considering Daenerys for a name if we have a girl. However, we cannot agree on the pronounciation. Could someone out there help us and put and put an end to the conflict? Thank You.
posts on 9/20/2006 8:03:02 AM Forgive my bad english, please! This last book... I'm sorry I have to say that, but I think is weak, compared to the fascinating "crescendo" from the other three books. It was not exactly boring (well, just sometimes) and I won't even bother to insist in how wrong I find the concept of "two parallel books" (what's that, Ender and Bean??). Just speaking about the current plotlines, I found them... a little disapointing. The title could have been "Cersei's highway to hell"; she's so archetypically BAD, MAD and STUPID... ufff... I'm sorry, but it was a little too flat, this time. A pity.
posts on 8/28/2006 1:01:27 PM Can anyone tell me how Jamie can be forgiven? I am in the middle of storm of swords and keep thinking doesn't anyone remember what he did to Bran? And why does the author of his series have to turn into a Robert Jordan and drag this series out. Although I complain these books have renewed my faith in this genre.

posts on 5/21/2006 7:53:04 PM does anyone know if there was a second printing or impression of the UK hardcover of CLASH OF KINGS? THX
posts on 5/2/2006 11:12:40 PM Does anyone out there know martin's email to send fan mail? On his website he has stuff from his readers and I might be dumb but I don't know where to get it....or where anyone else got it.
posts on 4/24/2006 10:57:26 AM "Am I just completely missing some great aspect of it?" No not at all just because you don't "get" something doesn't mean that you're stupid or dense. Take me for example I've been trying to read "Wheel of Time" for years and have never quite managed it. I think those books.
posts on 4/18/2006 12:53:09 AM You know me better than to think I like cheerful bunny stories [unless they're cheerfully sadistic bunnies, of course] or that I'm short on dark humor or whatnot. I just --I don't know what it was, none of it really clicked with me. It had potential, maybe, but there's nothing worse than a bad book with potential. You know what I really hated? All the sex scenes. Their whole world's sexuality is just so ...bleak. Ugh. And this isn't a Feather-is-a-prude thing. It's just I'm freakishly glad that I don't have to live & be sexually active in that world. And there's such a line between characters you're supposed to like or not like. I prefer in books when the author doesn't discriminate his own characters. I want to be free to love them or not of my own free will.
posts on 4/16/2006 1:22:18 PM The humour wasn't sparse at all- you just have to have a certain kind of sense of humor to appreciate it. And I don't remember a moment in the story where any of the characters were flat. Ned Stark kind of came across that way, but only because he was making an effort to seem stern and professional. And Jon seems kind of flat at first, but as the series progresses there's more change and development on his part. As for the great aspects you're either missing, or, due to your current mental state, incapable of appreciating: The suspenseful plot twists, the story's shock value, the intense and quotable dialogue, the dark humour (yes, it's there), the foul language (OK It's a shallow reason, I know, but it is part of why I like the series), and your lingering hope as the reader that things will either get better or worse for certain characters. Not to mentiont he whole horror aspect later on in the series. So a word of advice: Just keep reading. It gets better (or worse, if you like happy, cheery stories about flowers and bunnies, which George RR Martin's books are NOT.)
posts on 4/16/2006 4:07:56 AM Just tossed down the first book in the series down in dispair! I'd really thought I'd be able to sit through it, but there just came a point --near the end, I can be pretty stubborn --Where I Couldn't Take It Anymore. I skipped to the end. It was as bad as I was dreading it would. The characters the first chapter of theirs, a character would be really interesting maybe, then they all flatten. The humor is too sparse. You see all the plot twists coming a mile away. There are too many Irredeemable characters. The most interesting guy was Jaime, ["the things I do for love" --now, that was a jolt.] But yeah. Insert lengthy rant about junkiness of this book here. I'm just bummed because so many people highly recommended this book. Am I just completely missing some great aspect of it?
jake r posts on 3/24/2006 10:41:09 AM im wating for the next book and i dont know if i can consider myself a hard core fan, ive read the books twice. hopefully the next one comes out hen he says it will. I'm really dissapointed about the whole Arya's blind thing cause her and john were my favorite characters. maybe martin is goin somewere with it i mean he IS the author. I'm also dying to know more about Daenerys and her dragons. i dont even know who to root for, her or the northern factions. well hopefully martin gets his book out on time and i can see were it goes from there. ta ta for now.
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