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megan posts on 1/13/2008 9:08:03 AM I know! that part was so sad!! Yeah there was a group of people in the theatre who did the same thing when he was doing lifts. haha i love where he talks to the manikins!
UNKNOWN posts on 1/12/2008 11:40:35 PM lol yea, that actually made me cry when i first seen that because i thought it was real. lol i remember seeing ''I Am Legend'' when he's doing lifts, someone in the theatre said, ''whooooo!!!'' lol i guess cause they got to see Will Smith's abs. That movie made me tear when the dog - Sam - died. I hate it when movies kill animals (sniff)
megan posts on 1/12/2008 11:26:07 PM lol! yeah that movie is brilliant. Will Smith is made for those kind of roles. I love in Men in black when he is in training and he shoots the girl because shes holding chemistry books!

UNKNOWN posts on 1/12/2008 11:15:19 PM lmao really? i like the line when he says, (sorry for the language), ''Oh no, you do NOT shoot that green s hit at me!!'' lol.
megan posts on 1/12/2008 11:07:21 PM no I haven't seen that movie. haha yeah i remember that line! i love when hes riding the space ship and he says 'I gotta get me one of these!'
UNKNOWN posts on 1/12/2008 10:58:35 PM i know!! lol i loved those too. I always laugh when Will smith says, ''aw, heeeelll no!'' haha. HEy, what happened to the erin hunter board? lol i think it froze.... anyway, have you ever seen Legends of the fall? i love that movie (hated Suzanna). I can play that theme on the piano. I love music :) i give away free sheet music on Youtube.
megan posts on 1/12/2008 10:55:08 PM I LOVED Independence day!!! It was amazing it wasn't even scary. I love Will Smith in those Alien type movies like Men in Black.
UNKOWN posts on 1/12/2008 10:47:24 PM lol EXACTLY! (on solitare). haha, i'm always getting prank e-mails with pictures of the exorcist girls. The day the earth stood still was okay, i guess personally i'd perfer independence day.
megan posts on 1/12/2008 10:09:39 PM the Exoricist scared me to death but I got over it quickly. My Dad has been trying to get me watch the Day the earth stood still but i refuse... Spider solitaire is too easy, the original is much harder.
UNKOWN posts on 1/12/2008 10:00:29 PM i love solitare lol. My parents tried getting me into Spider solitare but for some reason i always liked the original. My favorite horror movie was probably the Exoricist just cause it was awesome lol. I became a horror fanatic at around the age of 10 when my parents finally let me watch "Aliens" with Sigourey weaver:).
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