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Anonymous posts on 3/7/2008 4:40:48 PM I'd like a honest vote, raise of hands how many of you would pick up a book on werewolves, vampires, magicians or cupid.
Kathryn (Unknown) posts on 3/5/2008 12:18:17 AM Hey, that sounds cool! i think i'll look that book up :) Ehh, i dunno. I find romance in horror films to take away from the whole horrific story... ESPECIALLY if they're teenagers (Bleh), lol i myself am a teenager that just experienced a breakup, but teenagers and adults make me sick in horror movies. I hate sequals to horror films, they always make the people ten times more stupid and unrealistic and the guys are always the heros and the girls are always tripping and getting captured, lol its just annoying.
Silverheart posts on 3/4/2008 3:53:00 PM Sorry to butt in! But Kathryn you said that you were into the Horror and Adventure stories and didn't really like romance? I felt the same way but I read TWILIGHT: BY STEPHENIE MEYER. It has romance, horror (especially), and great adventure. Its a three book series there about 400 pages each. I recommend them to you.:) Hey Rainstar. Do you remember me?

Kathryn (Unknown) posts on 2/29/2008 8:35:43 PM lol well Rainstar, the movie is about a black man (Will smith) who plays a role as a caddy man. Its mostly about golf, but its about this man named Jonuh (Matt damon). And he has just come back from a war, and his memories haunt him and cause him misery, that he can't even go back to his girlfriend (wife watever). But golf, around when it was first invented and played, seems to turn his life around. And Bagger Vance (the caddy man) helps him through life in golf, and fight the deamon within him. Its pretty good. It wouldn't matter if you didn't like golf or not, its still an awesome movie. The ending is sad, but it makes you smile as well as tear. :) If you like Will Smith then you'll love the movie.
Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 2/25/2008 8:26:20 PM Anyone read "Wicked" by Nancy Holder? I'm reading that book currently.
Eleanor posts on 2/25/2008 7:29:19 PM I just read a great book. Yay!
Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 2/25/2008 8:00:43 AM What is it about the movie? I just got a new book to read,yay! ^.^
Kathryn (UNKNOWN) posts on 2/22/2008 6:51:39 PM lol yeah. I just saw an awesome Movie, ''The Legend Of Bagger Vance'' its so good, so sad too. i love the music from there (I'm a music freak, partiulary movie themes). I love WILL SMITH!!!
Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 2/20/2008 7:37:10 PM No offence taken,lol. The Erin Hunter's Role-play page is doing pretty well, (And no, it really isn't based on the books except for have four clans and everything in it: a leader, warriors, apprentices, kits and med. cats) Did I answer your questions,lol? ~^.^~
Kathryn posts on 2/20/2008 1:57:32 AM offence, lol but i hate romances, just because i'm a horror freak and action kinda girl i guess. lol hey! hows that...erin...eron.. hunter, thing, game goin? you guys still role-playing? Those are based on actual books arn't they? (or it)
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