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megan posts on 1/12/2008 9:52:45 PM lol yeah, I'm a baby when it comes to well almost everything. Movies, books, or even t.v programs. I used to watch that Scariest places on earth show, and unsolved mysteries all the time and then my parents cut me off. Right now I'm playing game.
UNKOWN posts on 1/12/2008 9:43:26 PM lol wow you have some imagination. i use to be petrified of the dark after i seen 'darkness falls'.
megan posts on 1/12/2008 9:32:05 PM i don't think i can ever stay in the dark ever again! every time i close my eyes i see the scene where the zombies are walking like normal and they start running towards the car and attacking it!!!!

UNKOWN posts on 1/12/2008 9:21:19 PM I seen it!!! i loved it! it was scary here and there, but it was awesome. lol sorry, just to clear something up, i'm also Kathryn. lol how was my entrance Rainfur? kinda lame, yea i
megan posts on 1/12/2008 9:18:02 PM has anyone seen I Am Legend? Its the scariest movie I've ever seen and now i cant sleep so i decided to come here. :)
Furtive posts on 1/12/2008 8:22:29 PM I'm here, 2kule4u.... just talk.
Rainfur(CC she-cat)/Silverwind(NC she-cat) posts on 1/12/2008 8:15:51 PM NO, I don't think so. You can join anytime you wish. The board needs more people, actually.
Kathryn posts on 1/11/2008 6:02:03 PM heh heh *hesitates* you guys look like you're about to kill eachother, lol do you think it'd be rude if i feel through the wall on accident?
Rainfur(CC she-cat)/Silverwind(NC she-cat) posts on 1/10/2008 7:28:45 PM Just click on the Erin Hunter message board. Or if you can't find it, go to google and type in Erin Hunter message board. It'll be the first link.
Cammie posts on 1/10/2008 7:10:58 PM Hey everyone! my friend wrote a book. This is the first chapter. *Chapter One A black limo pulled over on a small sidewalk revealing our new home. I was in the black limo and let me tell you, my house was huge. Somehow I managed to live in a house as big as this one, and on a street Hollywood perfect . This house I’m going to live in shouldn't’t even be called a house. The more appropriate name for it would be castle. Behind the dark iron gates stood a six storied tall pearl brick mansion. A girl like me who only sees houses like this on MTV Cribs, will get to live in one? The street slopes down a hill revealing the ocean below. All the house line up in neat rows along the street, each filled with snobby rich people. In NYC, every time you step out of your house you hear car horns, dogs barking, and old men in there mid-life crisis yelling to teenagers “Get off my lawn!”. Here there no car horns, no dogs, and no old men. The only sounds you can hear is my mom’s mouth devouring a giant burrito from Taco Bell, a tweet from a bird every now and then, and rustling leaves. Who can live in such quiet? “Rebecca get your suitcase! How could you just stand there? Move your lazy butt and help us carry boxes!” my Mom yells from the car with beef smothered over her dark red lips. That moment the quiet left and it’s safe to say I’m home again. I patter along the street with my converse sneakers. How come when ever I come to a normal neighborhood I feel terribly under dressed? The tall and perfect house make my little pink tee-shirt and skinny jeans feel like rags. “Why don’t you carry the china set, tweetie bird?” my dad calls. I grip the edges of the box and step into the door way. Some thing in there just made me want to drop. If you ever been into the queen’s castle this is what it feels like. Every tile of marble on the floor gleamed under the brightness of the giant chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Long and round stairs circled the main entrance. The high ceilings were painted with perfect little white clouds on the glazed blue foundation and rose to about two stories. Movers rushed around busily and swiftly to prepare the house. A giant stairway stood in front of me not as so deadly and stiff as a normal staircase would stand. The whole room had a glowing character and was perfect to the point were it was beyond my imagination. The crazy thing is, it’s just because of that, I hated this place. I thought a dirty old apartment was exactly were I’d stay for the rest of my teens years and were I would never even imagine leaving. Did it have to be me? Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure any teenager would kill to live in a place like this. I’m sure. But sometimes, you realize that a true home isn’t just a place you live in, but a place were you can find a sanurary. I’m not sure. This house I mean, would ever be a home. This house looked just as if I had imagined it in storybooks. Only the big bad wolf wasn’t out side my door ready to blow it down. He’d be afraid to do that. I set the box down and call out the door way. “I’ll just be here mom, 'kay?”. “Sure hon, go take a look inside. I’ve seen the house already.” I gave her a nod in reply and walked in the entrance. Before I started up the stairs I saw a man with a nice white suite and red tie standing by the empty room which was supposedly our kitchen. I walk toward him and ask “Would you happen to know where my room is?” He turns his head in a very robotic way and nudges his tie. “I believe it is up the stairs down the hall, and last door to the left.” He replies. “I believe we haven’t met yet.” He turns head toward me and sticks his arm out for a shake “I’m your butler…Chives Allen. Pleased to meet you Ms. Breton .” I place 3 fingers in his palm and he rattles it like a maraca. I pull my hand away and jester my head in a sort of way saying Good bye creepy butler, I’m off to see the royal bed chamber. I walk up the stairs and up into the hallway. Each floor in the house was about 2 stories high making the ceiling seem larger then it really was. The height over exaggerated the hallway, and made me feel small. All I could think of though, was not the fact that I’m about to live in a mansion. But, more of the fact that my life in the city has moved to the life of the rich and wealthy. Way to go dad. Way to go and move us from the city. Way to go dad. Way to go. I creaked along the polish hard wooden floors and stair into the walls. After and before every other door was a painting of some sort. Each one of somebody, and by the looks of it somebody important. People have probably lived in this house before, I guess. As a walked on a spotted a blank canvas surrounded by a carved golden frame. “
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