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Ryan 's A lucky man. posts on 6/20/2010 10:51:33 PM Ryan,for you to have a pure love like that and give it all up for being alone?being hurt? being an @ss?for not seeing whats right there?you say how much you know her,then why is it you would think she would do other wise?If you really knew her,you would know her heart,trust her,be there for her,not against her.You are the one whose being a nurd about this,I can tell you this Im feeling like you are so confused,not by your woman,Its by your thoughts,your lack in knowing that woman,You said she knows you.Then why is it you dont know her thoughts,her real self,did you ever take time to truly understand her,did you ever give her the benefit of a doubt?Did you talk to her? do you know her personality like you said you do? you two obviously need some Guidance.From what I can tell with this post,Is that you are very much still and will always be inlove with that lady.You discribed it as Pure love! Seriously speaking from my experience You absolutely need to get all your information about this woman,You clearly dont trust her.Did you ever ask your self why? You should.My apologies for comming on like this,But I just read this Post,and I can tell you,you are confused,lost,inlove,hurt,But,I can also tell you Ryan,That what you are looking for in a woman,shes got it.I can pick up on emotions,Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives.My Brother,you have been touched with love from an angel,yet you dont know it.There's no love that will ever come this close to you again,not like her's.Empathy and trust are a platform for effective understanding, communication and relationships. Empathy and trust are essential to develop solutions,In love its To involve or connect intimately.Im sure you understand how serious this Journey is for both of you,You need to remember,this lady's love is so pure,so strong when it comes to you.I can feel whats in her heart,She's also lost,confused,hurting alot.Her Families going through alot of events,shes in doubts about everything,everyone around her,but her hearts still longs for you,shes wondering why can't you see who she is as a person,She's thinking If he can come and visit me he will just know me,the woman he fell inlove with has been here,never left his site.Brother,her pain is so Unbearable,I can tell you shes been crying alot.Oh my God,Im getting so many feelings ,this love is really a gift from God.Im feeling Both of you,your energies is very strong.What ever you have been thinking shes doing to you.She's not.This child's heart is so clean,she acts like a child at Christmas time.Ryan,Its time you see what a great woman you have Found.Trust me Ryan,Its a love that will outshine any Cold day,any Stormy Night,It will weather any thing for the sake of LOVE FOR YOU!I hope you can do your part and let the small events you thought up go,completely.And work towards a life filled with Love till a timeless existence.You still have a Chance to make your relationship work,Take that chance,befor you regret your actions.Ps. I dont know why im on this site,but my heart led me to it.Im sorry If I invaded you Post.But I was sent here to help you Ryan.God Bless You and your Love.
Ryan posts on 6/13/2010 4:39:01 PM I had asked Ali for something she could not give,something so small,so basic and fundamental to anyone love story.So here we are,apart forever,broken into pieces of anger,hurt,distrust,resentment,and a sense of sorrow that oozes slowly out each day,at the loss of a love that may well have defined a new standard.I am well though and so is she,we have our health and many wonderful blessings in our lives.I saw the past and present last night and knew ,that I've done the right thing in giving her the freedom she needed.During the time we were building this love,she had another life with other pursuits,but she knew my love and my heart were hers as we grew.Never making any apologies for my nature,always clear in my desires,she had other fires.She does what she does,as it is her calling,and it is her gift.A gift she has every right to share with whomever she sees fit.I gave her a gift too one day that took all of my courage to display.It was my unbridled passion for the love we had built and at that moment she must have known that coming from me,it could be nothing else.No sinister intent,no false bravado,simply pure passion spilling out of every part of my being for HER,only her.It was a foolish thing to do,but I wanted so much for her to feel what was inside my soul for so long.There were other choices I had,but given our situation,nothing else could have illustrated my love as well.Not words on a page,not notes on a mirror,not whispers in her ear.Not once did I ask for anything,other than our love,knowing that it could and would sustain us.On that day,our love was clear.Not what I had thought,only what I had feared.From that moment on,my mind continued to wander,wondering why? I could only ponder.Which only served to show that the answer to my love was NO!At this point I can only wish her well,and hope that she recovers from the point at which we fell.A difficult task to be sure,when you abandon a love so pure.I can't explain what made come here today,but suffice it to say,I know her in every way.She has always left a trail in her wake,that was mine to follow,FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! If there was nothing else I shared,she KNOWS I always cared!! Perhaps that's why we have to be apart,because she never TRULY found that place for me in her heart.When I think of what we lost,and everything it cost,my heart has just to recall that one phrase that she embossed.She knows of what I speak and therefore,has not to seek.A wise man once said "judge not a person by the color of their skin,but by the content of their character." Words I took to heart as a youngster,since they ring so universally true in life as we meet and choose to allow people in our lives.Hopefully these principles will spread to the rest of the world's population and allow them to find the truth we all so richly deserve,in love.Isn't that all anyone wants? To know that the person they are so deeply attracted to is truly who and what they say they are??? Here is wishing everyone much love,peace,and joy on your journey through life,in the sincere wish that you all find your own love story.Albeit, with a better ending than ours.God bless you and take care of yourself.Time is the one commodity we can't control,use it wisely my friend.
i agree posts on 6/10/2010 1:46:10 AM You can hide the pain that you feel and make others believe that you can move on. But you can never deny the truth to yourself that the person who has failed you and hurt you is still the person you’ll always choose to love.";-)

love story posts on 6/3/2010 8:40:31 PM Hello.For the past few Months Ive been following this wonderful love story.It's plain to see how much these two love each other.They go with Names or letters "AY & YA "Why Can't you both find a way to be together,Nothing Is that bad that you can't work it out.Obviously you two cant stay away from each other. Face it!You miss each other alot ,cant help but to wonder if each is ok?I can feel the love you two share.I have a gift,that is used for Good,for love and health. I can feel what you two are feeling.Your bond is so strong,so real,I dont know why I came here,but I can tell you both one thing,that you both complete each other,in ways only you both know how to,I can tell you this for sure.You two are meant for each other.I don't have to call your names,for you will know exactly who I'm speaking about once you read this,Anyone can feel the love,even though you are hurting your selves trying to pretend that you both are ok with it,YOUR NOT! I will keep reading on here till this true love story unfolds.Bless you both.As you are in my prayers.
David posts on 1/21/2010 4:17:36 PM Message for Musgrove. The answer you are seeking--maybe--is Robin Cook's Chromosone 6
Douglas Graham posts on 12/10/2009 3:48:03 PM Smoke and Murders was Douglas Chandler Graham’s first novel. It was about the murders of the Hodges family in Vinton, Virginia in the fall of nineteen ninety-four. The family was murdered and the house set afire. The father and the two children were murdered as they slept. The father in one bedroom had a single bullet wound to his head. The two children, ages three and eleven were in another bedroom and they had two bullet wounds each to their heads. The mother was found downstairs on the couch and she had been strangled and then set afire. The fire did little damage structurally to the house because the windows and doors were closed and starved the fire for oxygen. The police determined who the murderer was before any evidence was obtained. This was the family friend, Earl Bramblett. The police didn’t like his lifestyle, he didn’t have steady employment, and they also suspected him of having to do with two teenagers missing years ago. This was payback for their lack of finding any evidence in that case. With this one they decided to make up or lie for any evidence needed, or intimidate others to lie, which they did. So Smoke and Murders is the novel about that crime and how it came about. Everything is fictitious but it could have happened the way Graham claims. Leaving that story with so many characters that were invented and their situations unexplained was the catalyst for the new novel Three Trailers Down. It picks up where the Smoke and Murders ended and continues to tell the lives of people first me there. The lieutenant that ran the operation of the Vinyard police department find he has got to look for other employment and the story follows him and the people he meets along the way. Both novels are filled with suspense and action and are fast moving in telling their stories. The reviews of both have been outstanding for a new novelist and there may be one more story in this series. Three Trailers Down is in the Xlibris returnability program and book stores risk nothing by stocking this book. The books can be purchased online at their respective websites or for Three Trailers Down or for Smoke and Murders. At the books websites, you may also read the reviews and watch the book trailers for each. They give a taste of what each book is about as well as entertaining.
ann seymour posts on 12/10/2009 3:40:39 PM I'd like to share reviews about my book, "I've Always Loved You" by Ann Seymour: 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful: An Intimate, Powerful Portrait of a Family at War, November 4, 2009 By Ann Seymour - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) "A deeply moving story. Ann brings her family to life with warmth, insight, and humor." - Nien Cheng, author of LIFE AND DEATH IN SHANGHAI. * * * "Ann has written a poignant tribute to her father, a ww2 hero. She has taken us from Pearl Harbor to VJ Day with emotion and historic accuracy. This is a book that I strongly recommand." - Admiral S. Robert Foley Jr. USN (ret), former Commander-in-Chief, US Pacific Fleet * * * "I've Always Loved You" was a catalyst to fascinating conversations pertaining to WWII. At age four, Germany and Japan were faraway places that existed somewhere in Outer Space, but I was too young to comprehend what was going on other than "something bad." Every night Father walked the neighborhood to ascertain that dark-out shades were pulled. Father was too old to be drafted. Search lights flooded the night skies over Burbank, scanning for enemy planes and probably missiles. I understand several parachute-carried weapons reached the West Coast, but their existence was top secret. After WWII there was angst in Asia toward the Japanese, as might be expected, but episodes of hatred continue into current time. Learning about Dr. Ishi's torture of victims was an eye opener. Years ago I gave a lecture in Princeton, NJ on a subject related to California history. Prior to the lecture a woman who was born in China telephoned me with invective towards Japan that stunned me. She ranted on and on about the Rape of Nanking and all the things done to the Chinese. I was totally in the dark. My topic included Nisei. The woman demanded that I denounce Japan. This was 1990... not 1945! The father of one of my friends was an inventor of the P-38 that shot down Yamamoto. A team of engineers worked on the P-38 in Burbank. Bob's father went on to design the Constellation, but died of a heart attack at an early age in 1957, right after we graduated from high school. Bob went on to be a creative genius who invented the heart clip among many other innovations. Burbank was filled with brilliant minds. The Skunk Works at Lockheed was top secret. Not even the wives of employees working there had any idea of new products evolving. Another classmate's father was on the team that invented the SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest plane ever. His daughter (my classmate) invented Fortran, an early computer language, for Lockheed. Burbank was a key part of winning the war, a bastion of brilliant minds. Your book has marvelous value as a reference on the war. After my book was published, Berkeley's library contacted me for insertion in their archives. Yours should be there, too. - Marilyn Wagner, PhD * * * The author talked about telling her beautiful story years, and now she's turned out a masterpiece. - Dinny Chase * * * Seymour captured in words what many cannot even comprehend. The sacrifice and constant anxiety that was part of her family's life is so well written that the imagery lingers. The description of home with the family and the challenge the father faced in the Pacific bring the era to vivid life. Long after finishing the book, one pictures Pooksie, the little girl, her brother, Frankie, and daschund Jeep. The sarcastic portraits of certain adults like Billy Boy and the Grim Preacher ring true, as we all have a few of them in our lives. The love between her parents brings tears to one's eyes. This book is about the things that truly matter. - Barbara Doyle Roupe, attorney at law * * *
Joanna posts on 7/20/2009 2:00:09 AM So true! Thanks for sharing this really helpful advice. I too was wondering about this book in particular.
Jim posts on 6/14/2009 2:47:01 PM I’m hoping that one of you bright readers can help me. When I was a freshman in high school (1979) I read a book. I do not know if the book came out that year or ten years before. I had just started to enjoy mystery reading and so I did not pay attention to the author or any part of the book that could help me locate this book today. Some of the details are fuzzy, but the book was primarily about an elderly (50 - 60 yrs) couple that decides that they want to get away to celebrate their retirement. They decide to go on a cruise and to save money, they decide to shop around for prices. While trying to find the best price, they come across an advertisement for a private cruise on a smaller (50 – 75 feet) boat. They decide to take the cruise and after being on the water strange things begin to happen. 1. Little by little the crew requires more help from the couple, 2. The husband almost cuts his thumb off, and they do not give him medical attention 3. The boat gets stuck on a sand bar and they ask the husband to get out and pull the boat, 4. Their food begins to be rationed. They end up just being tortured on this private cruise getaway. The story ends by the couple finding the captain’s notes and they discover that the captain is experimenting on how long subjects can be pushed passed exhaustion. I’ve been looking for this book ever since high school just so that my wife and I can read it. If you can help in any way please email me back. Thank you.
Jacob lover posts on 6/12/2009 1:17:55 AM What if Jacob Black imprinted on Maximum Ride?
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