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Krista posts on 2/22/2005 11:27:12 AM Hi Katie, Taylor, Roy, and Tesiah. I'm a teacher doing an oral report on Mary Downing Hahn. I would love to know what it is that you like about her books. Why do you read them all? Why do you read them again and again? What makes them good? Sorry for being such a teacher, but I am really interested in what you think. Thanks ahead of time for helping me with my homework.
Katie Smith posts on 2/13/2005 4:13:27 PM I loved the 2 books I've read that she wrote.They were Stepping on the Cracks, and Daphne's Book they were the best books I've ever read.
Taylor posts on 2/7/2005 7:42:13 PM I just finished reading my 12th book by her. The wind Blows Backwards. I thinks this is my favorite book by her. I stiil got 9 more to go though.

Roy posts on 2/1/2005 2:41:09 PM Hi, Does any one know if there is or will be a sequel to the book "Tallahassee Higgins". This is an excellent book by Mary Downing Hahn, as are the books about gordy, Lizzard and Magpie. Thanks
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