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Mary posts on 9/22/2007 2:01:11 PM What book were Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton first introduced . What books are they recurring in, in order of books' (series) release dates. I have read some of Robin Cook's books and recognize the names Laurie and Jack. I would like to follow the series in order if possible. Thanks in advance.
Maggie McCloskey posts on 9/1/2007 7:50:15 PM To Dr. Cook - Having read and consumed all of your books I was quite interested in the story line of "concierge medical practice". I live in Palm Beach and as I'm sure you know this is a situation on this coast as well. That said - please explain to this reader the ending of "Crisis". Was it really Craig who killed Patience and was it his "ego" for the boutique medicine that made him do it. I could not understand what Tony Fasano and his posse had to do with it. You led the reader to think that Jack was having second thoughts about his marriage to Laurie and I for one was leaning that way. As your readers do, I tried to guess the culprit and thought that perhaps Alexis set up Craig out of vengence. Not so. But, if that was Craig in Cuba, how could Jack Stapleton look at his pupils, etc. and that led him to believe that he had misidentified the man. And if it was Patience Stanford who had the money what did it matter to Jordan. You have left this reader quite perplexed but always looking forward to the next Dr. Robin Cook novel. Thank you for any response. This book is so different in that it leaves the reader with no answers aka: satisfaction.
Robert posts on 8/31/2007 7:53:24 PM I was waiting for some climatic event: It never happened. I found myself anticipating the next chapter so I could put the book down for the night. It seems there is a chapter missing or a sequel is planned. I feel better knowing others were left to ponder who did what and why. This is the most disappointing book I've read in a long time.

Becky posts on 8/29/2007 10:29:47 PM Just finished reading Crisis. I found the book hard to put down, but was deeply disappointed in the ending. Sure would like to know why Craig Bowman did what he did!
Lee Taylor posts on 8/29/2007 7:35:02 PM I guess Craig is supposed to have taken over the deceased cancer patient's identity when Jack sees him in Cuba. But it was a murky, unsatisfying ending. And so many questions were left unexplained, mainly who wanted the autopsy stopped. Are we to believe Craig had his own daughters tied up and molested to scare Jack off the autopsy? So much did not make sense.
mary posts on 8/20/2007 6:39:53 PM Yes, would someone please explain the ending of CRISIS. (if it can be explaines1)
Need answers posts on 8/19/2007 8:23:39 PM I am doing a school project on a Peak Performer for my freshman orientation class. I picked Robin Cook because he is my favorite author. I have found myself at a loss at finding some adversities that he may have faced in life. If anyone has any information on that subject or on his life in general, please let me know. Thank you.
Karen posts on 8/19/2007 6:25:19 PM Please somebody - explain the ending!!!!
mary posts on 8/19/2007 5:02:44 PM This is possibly the worst book I've ever read. I sat dazed after that totally bizarre ending trying to figure it out. There was a lot in between the covers that needed answers as well. Who hired all those bad guys? How did Craig stay so cool if it was in fact Craig in Cuba? I also thought the Cook book about the Shroud of Turin was ridiculous. All the others I have really enjoyed.
Cindy J posts on 8/16/2007 1:29:29 PM Robin Cook's book Crisis is about the stupidest book I have ever read. So many things aren't explained! And so much small detail that was not needed. A total waste of my time! I just threw it in the trash!
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