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kiki posts on 10/21/2006 2:31:35 PM thanks for your input...maybe Mr. Cook put together the loose ends for those of us who just "didn't get it."
lynne posts on 10/21/2006 7:48:00 AM The ending was cloudy.... If Craig intentionally murdered Patience, and then assumed his previously deceased patient's identity in Cuba, who was responsible for the masked attack on his daughters and why did he even allow Jact to do the exhumation? Loved the book till the end...
kiki posts on 10/20/2006 5:04:26 PM I may be slow on the uptake, but I don't understand the ending..What did the cancer victim have to do with Craig?

posts on 10/13/2006 8:22:29 AM Abduction was superb! Whatever was done @ the end was fair enough ...
posts on 8/29/2006 10:03:03 AM Just finished this book. Ending left me completely up in the air. I felt like it should say "to be continued." Even went back to see if I missed something. Help.
posts on 7/6/2006 12:39:05 AM about fever or abduction, the email i got said you posted a question about fever. i've read both but abduction is fresh in my head. why are you writing synopsises? you have an interesting name sharmika where do you live?
posts on 7/5/2006 9:08:15 PM Tell me more about this book. I have to write a synopsis in it.
posts on 6/30/2006 2:29:17 AM i just finished abduction for the second time in a row. it was so good i had to read it twice. i'm having so much trouble finding a group where we can discuss robin cook novels. will someone please discuss abduction with me?
posts on 5/20/2006 2:08:46 PM I agree that the endings of Cook's novels are a bit dissatisfying.
posts on 5/5/2006 8:29:14 AM To All RB fans - new book due out July 1, 2006. Title: "Crisis"
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