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Mariana posts on 1/11/2006 4:08:04 PM I, too, could only deduce that money was the motive. The victim was not a "chaste" woman. She'd been "around a few blocks," and she was not above using her body to get what she wanted, i.e. the car. Perhaps he seduced her with the dog to gain her trust. I also see it as "the hustler got hustled," but he killed her because he knew he'd never get away with stealing her money. I think he lied to her about "running away together" and she fell for it because, unlike her usual conquests, he didn't oogle and drool over her. His wife was not being the typical "sugar-mama" 'cause she had tightened-up the purse-strings on him.He was a desperate man who wanted money and the power and esteem it would give him in the town.
Debbie posts on 1/9/2006 12:17:04 PM I found S is for Silece ti be much faster paced and more interesting than some of the others. I liked her format she used to describe current facts and situations and then going back in time to fill in background information. Although the ending did surprise me. I, too, had to go back to Chapter 24 and reread "Tom" and found no absolute reason that suggests he would do this. I'll wait to read further messages to see if someone else read between the lines better than I did.
Sheri posts on 1/9/2006 7:37:39 AM I too found it boring. The only motivation I could find was for money. In the beginning it said he had a big balloon payment coming up and didn't have the money for it.

Carolyne posts on 1/6/2006 8:39:44 AM According to Sue Graftons website this book was to be published in June 2005. It is now January of 2006 and I am still waiting to buy a copy of this book in the UK. Can anyone enlighten me as to why I am having to wait so long
Donna M posts on 1/4/2006 3:51:04 PM I just finished "S is for Silence" and had to reread parts because I just did not get the "whodunit." I still don't. Without revealing facts, I just don't understand the connection, the why, or the reason. I'm usually really good at figuring things out in the beginning, but I didn't see this one and still don't understand. Even my friends can't come up with the connection. Help. Thanks.
Janice posts on 12/21/2005 8:53:35 AM I am also very disappointed with this book. I love the rest of the alphabet books, but this one is boring and I am having to force myself to finish it. I like the way the other books showed more of Kinsey's home life along with the mystery.
Marianna posts on 12/16/2005 12:59:24 AM I posted a review of S is for Silence. I'd love to hear any comments on it./ Does anyone recall her Q book? That one was also based on a missing person, but it was a teenaged girl.- A real-life, still-on-the-books, unsolved, murder. I wonder if any leads have come in since the publication of the book. The epiloque explains the case of the missing girl, and how she was given a decent burial.
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