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cheryl mullens posts on 10/28/2010 2:15:47 PM I enjoy the Kinsey Milhone books immensely and await the next "V" book. I have the whole collection. Congratulations for writing a book where a female is the central character and shows she has intelligence and courage.
afsana posts on 8/23/2010 2:32:43 PM I have the same question as Ingeborg Clare posts on 2/14/2010 11:57:43 PM this has not been answered any takers
Barb posts on 7/16/2010 3:40:29 PM I'm curious when 'V is for .....' will be coming out. I can't find anything on the Internet regarding this. I've read all the books (in order) and have enjoyed them immensely. I'm going to be sad at the 'zero hour'.

Ingeborg Clare posts on 2/14/2010 11:57:43 PM Just finished "U is for Undertow" and have an area of confusion. The scrapbook given to Kinsey about Michael's birthday celebration dated on the day he was supposed to have seen the pirates bury something, and the fact that the Kirkendall's had left town by then was never clarified that I could tell. So what did I miss? By the way, I love your books!!!! Pllease respond as I am really anxious to find out.
Bev J posts on 1/22/2010 2:42:12 PM I have enjoyed your books up to the U, sorry you felt it necessary to resort to foul language and explicit sex!
Hannah posts on 10/31/2009 3:09:26 PM It cracks me up when people post on here to Sue Grafton. They address her like this is her chatboard and like she is going to read and answer. I like T very much. I am eagerly awaiting U. I am willing to wait. I liked all her books and own them in hardback and many on cd.
Juniper posts on 10/29/2009 1:08:38 PM Most of Sue Grafton's characters who are involved in the mystery are of low economic status and many are less than neat - their homes are ususally unkempt. What is in the authors background to cause this tendency toward the unsavory?
Pam posts on 9/4/2009 9:47:21 PM There was no epilogue in P is for Peril! I missed that. Why didn't Kinsey sign off on the case?
KP posts on 8/5/2009 4:54:10 PM I have read T. Will there be any more in the series and if so when is the next one due out?
Jennie posts on 7/16/2009 11:28:15 PM Just finished "P is for Peril", and was disappointed with the ending, which seemed to be missing. Usually the plot lines hold together, but this one was a bit jumpy. For example, why did Richard just drive off after he killed his brother, without even attempting to silence Kinsey? Who actually killed Dow -- Crystal, the girlfriend, or someone else? I hope this isn't an indication that the writing quality of this series is falling off!
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