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VLee posts on 11/2/2008 7:32:44 PM Is there any idea of when a new Sue Grafton book will come out? I've read through T and am eagerly awaiting U.
Stephanie posts on 10/19/2008 8:26:28 AM Tom Padget was Violets lover, the dog was to replace the one that his dog killed years earlier, and he killed her because Violet ratted him out to his father in law about their affair. It was great but T is for Trespass was her best yet. I can't wait for U if it ever comes out.
Yocheved Cook posts on 9/16/2008 3:23:12 PM Sue you really out did yourself with this book. You brought the issue of elder abuse and how home health givers take advantage of our love ones who are up in years and cannot fin for themselves. BRAVO!!!!!! I would like to see your books in a movie and I nominate Jorja Fox to play Kinsey. Yocheved

Patty posts on 9/16/2008 2:31:47 PM Any news on when the next book will be released?
Cis posts on 8/11/2008 5:49:23 PM Enjoyed S is for Silence. I was surprised who the killer was. It left me with alot of questions. Was Tom Padgett Violet's lover? Why did he buy her the dog? Was she killed because he wanted her money? What are the answers?
Lee posts on 7/6/2008 11:20:09 PM Picked up a copy of "S Is For Silence" yesterday, and couldn't stop reading. I was born in 1941, so my best friend and I were almost the same ages as Liza and Kathy in 1953. Chapter 30 had me laughing so hard, I put the book down and called my dear old friend. She reminded me that my Mom had sent her packing because she had said "the sh-- word" in our home. Thank you for reminding us of the achingly painful/wonderful years of adolescent friendship.
beth posts on 6/17/2008 8:43:06 PM does anyone know when sue is coming out with another book u.
Terri Sands posts on 5/11/2008 1:13:36 AM I agree with Barbara Callan. Why has no one made a movie? !!! Also think Jill Hennessey is a good candidate to play Kinsey because of her excellent work on Crossing Jordan BUT I always invisioned the young lady who portrayed Veronica Mars . . . sorry I don't know her stage name.
BARBARA CALLAN posts on 4/6/2008 9:39:44 PM Started reading books when I retired. It has been 2 years. I don't think I could have survived from A to T in 25 years. Can't wait for "U". Why has no one made a movie? I picture Jill Hennessey as Kinsey.
Donna posts on 3/18/2008 2:59:35 PM Just finished T is for Trespass. Got it yesterday and finished it a few minutes ago. Couldn't wait for it to come out. Waiting for "U is" for with bated breathe. Got alot of the ladies I work with hooked on the series. We all enjoy them very much. I think T is her best work yet!
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