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Dennis posts a bold assertion on 3/10/2005 1:46:46 AM That's great if Simmons can be a presenter. What a way to come full circle. BTW, when you hug on stage whisper in her ear..."you got a copy of the script?" (just joking) ----- I am going to the Stockton site of TBC in April and meet bill to look around. Keep us informed on Boot progress.
Martha Crawford posts a bold assertion on 3/5/2005 1:07:05 PM You guys make my day. BTW - I didn't know I was going to be able to select a 'presenter' but I asked for Jean Simmons. I just hope she is able to accept and is going to be in town. I will keep you posted.
Dennis posts a gentle reminder on 3/5/2005 12:55:53 PM Martha: There is no pumpkin, nor bubble. There's only life and it looks like you have lived one with adventure. No ups or downs will diminish that. The Golden Boot will be an affirmation of your adventure that contributed to the fabric of our America. By the way, there's still a lot to contribute.

Dennis posts a message on 3/5/2005 12:44:18 PM Brian: That house has got to be near Farminton or somewhere near the Orvis ranch. It had to be close to where the cast was staying in Stockton and not moe than an hour away. See what Bill has to say about it.
Martha Crawford posts a bold assertion on 3/5/2005 12:42:43 PM Thank you Dennis. You mean I won't turn back into a pumpkin after my Cinderella day at the awards?
Martha Crawford posts a message on 3/5/2005 12:40:14 PM Brian - I think you mean the ranch where Jean Simmons meets Gregory Peck (not Heston). I can't be much help but I do know that the old house, where Greg fell thru the poarch, was a real house at one time as was the cabin Jean was painting. (this compared to the shell of a house re Ladder ranch that was built around an old farm house.) I do not know wher exactly it was except I do know that someone had said, the property had once belonged to Bing Crosby. (that is just what I heard) and that all of our locations that I worked on were well within the 'day trip' shooting schedule from our home base in Stockton. I do not remember any 'long' trips.
Dennis posts a message on 3/5/2005 12:39:52 PM Martha: It's sad that Wyler kept the tension high and difficult on the TBC location. With professionals, he would have gotten just as good (or better) work had the location ambience been collaborative. As for the bubble bursting...your part in it lives on and will continue to contribute to the American experience.
Brian posts a message on 3/4/2005 10:30:45 PM What I was looking for was the location of the old ranch where Simmons and Heston met. The ranch that belonged to Simmons grandfather, the ranch that Heston in the movie bought from Simmons. I'd like to know the exact location of that ranch house. There were some out buildings too. Thanks for any info.
Martha Crawford posts a bold assertion on 2/27/2005 7:44:29 PM I, am sorry to say, do not have one single picture of that location or film. It was a difficult location as William Wyler seemed to think he got the best performances from a performer if they were so angry they were to the point of walking off. And, maybe he did, but it was not a happy location per se and it never occured to me to take a picture. And, in those days, sorry to say, I thought the bubble would never burst and that this wonderful experience would never end. And, yes, I was the Martha J in the P-38 photo. Funny but on Google there is more of me under Cantarini than Crawford.
Dennis posts a message on 2/27/2005 7:35:48 PM Just making a map to go to TBC locations near Farmington & Copperopolis. Maybe take in a few rockets while there. You have any snapshots of those places you were?. ---- Martha: Saw a pic of a p38 with Martha J as nose art. Was that for you? Oh, and no...I don't spend all my time on the net...just today.
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