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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Golden Ocean Patrick O'Brian 8000
Floating Island: The Pearl of The Pacific Jules Verne 8000
The Captains Marshall: A Promise of Freedom Catherine R. Donaldson 8000
Captain Blood Rafael Sabatini 8000
South by Java Head Alistair MacLean 8000
Pirate Latitudes Michael Crichton 8000
Fair Wind to Bahia Thomas Thorpe 8000
The Buccaneers - High Seas Adventure 3 Iain Lawrence 8000
Star-Crossed Linda Collison 8000
The Sea Hawk Rafael Sabatini 8000
A Deadly Exchange Sheryl Jane Stafford 8000
Tricky Business Dave Barry 8000
Mutiny on the Bounty Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall 8000
Troubling a Star Madeleine L'Engle 8000
Freighter Captain Max Hardberger 8000
Deep Six Clive Cussler 8000
The Beast Peter Benchley 8000
Jaws Peter Benchley 8000
Meg Steve Alten 8000
Birds of Prey Wilbur Smith 8000
Secrets of the Maiden Mary Gibbs 8000
Midshipman Bolitho - Richard Bolitho Series 1 Alexander Kent 8000
The Riddle of the Sands Erskine Childers 8000
The Legend of Ron Anejo Ed Teja 8000
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Avi 8000
When Eight Bells Toll Alistair MacLean 8000
Peter and the Starcatchers Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson 8000
Cup of Gold John Steinbeck 8000
Riptide Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child 8000
Salvage of the Tatiana Norbert Weissinger 8000
The Length of the World Charley Brindley 8000
Meg: Primal Waters Steve Alten 8000
The Trojan Odyssey Clive Cussler 7200
Sackett's Land Louis L'Amour 6400
Valhalla Rising Clive Cussler 5600
The Terror Dan Simmons 4000
The Black Joke Farley Mowat 4000
My Body Lies Over the Ocean J.S. Borthwick 4000
Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson 4000
Nimitz Class Patrick Robinson 4000
Naitaka Lee Murphy 4000
The Loyalist's Son Charles White 3200
Murder on The Leviathan Boris Akunin 3200
Final Bearing Don Keith 3200
Shockwave Colin Forbes 3200
Hurricane Bay Heather Graham 3200
The Blooding Of The Guns Alexander Fullerton 2400
To the Far Blue Mountains Louis L'Amour 2000
The Wench Is Dead Colin Dexter 1600

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