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Some women don't mind being called bitches. Turtle repeatedly calls her teacher, Anna, a bitch. And Anna not only doesn't mind, but she becomes meek and apologetic to Turtle! Perhaps some women like being called bitches. Or perhaps some women like being called bitches, but only by other women. Just like black people object to being called "niggers" by white people, but some black people like being called "niggers" by other black people.

Fears of global warming are a form of mental illness. Martin is worried that the world will end because of global warming. He's one of these survivalist nuts who irrationally believe that the Earth is going to self destruct. It's a form of mental illness. As we all know, there is no man-made global warming.  97% of carbon dioxide, which supposedly causes global warming, is produced by natural sources, like volcanoes and cows, and only 3% is produced by human industry. Rational people know this, but mentally ill people like Martin and liberals cling to this irrational belief that has no basis in scientific fact.

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It's possible to love and hate someone at the same time. Turtle tells Martin that she loves him as she guts him like a fish and drowns him in the ocean. Turtle truly loves her father, except for the beating episodes. And the knife stabbing. And the p_nis, she may not have enjoyed the p_nis.


You don't need to be a doctor to do finger surgery. Cayenne is horrified when Martin does finger surgery on her. I was waiting to hear that her finger got infected and she had to go to the hospital to have her hand amputated. But that never happened. Apparently her finger surgery was successful. This book would have you believe that anyone can do finger surgery. Not sure if I believe that. No, I really don't.

Some girls like the taste of v_gina blood. Turtle likes to put her hand in her groin and scoop out blood and lick it like a cat. It must taste really good!

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