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Adelaide: Adelaide is a Jewish woman who lives on a plantation with slaves. Her husband is named Henry but he is only interested in putting his p_nis into a black lady named Rachel, who is Adelaide's half sister. At first Adelaide hates Rachel for letting Henry bone her, but later becomes accepting of it because after all, Rachel is her sister.


Rachel: Rachel is a half-black slave who is Adelaide's half-sister. She lets her master Henry bone her. She knows how to read and write and fuck white guys. She is Adelaide's servant but when the slaves are free she psychologically bitch slaps Adelaide to let her know who is really in charge.


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Henry: Henry owns a small plantation with slaves but claims he hates slavery, which makes you wonder why he went into the plantation business. He's married to Adelaide but mostly sticks his p_nis into Rachel.


Mordecai Mannheim: Mordechai is Adelaide's father. One time he boned a black slave and Rachel was the result. But Rachel is still a slave because she is half black. He also farts a lot.


Charlie: Charlie is a slave supervisor on the plantation. Even though he himself is a slave, he whips the other slaves to make them more productive for his master. He hates slavery with a passion, and works as hard as he can to perpetuate slavery on the plantation. Confused? So am I!

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