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Women can fall in love with an erection. Adelaide falls in love with Pereira and agrees to marry him while they are dancing when he presses his p_nis against her. Rachel feels like a chicken with its head chopped off when Charlie sticks his hard p_nis against her. Hard p_nises can make woman swoon.


Some guys are turned on by sex with a slave. Henry can't even get an erection with his wife but he is turned on by having sex with Rachel. That's because Rachel is a slave and the idea of boning a slave is a turn on for some guys.


Jews make the best slave masters. You never want to be a slave, but if you absolutely have to be a slave, you definitely want a Jewish slave master. Jewish slave masters are much kinder than other slave masters. Look at Adelaide. She taught her slave how to read. Look at Henry. He was very gentle with his slaves and felt guilty for keeping them enslaved.

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Sisters share everything. Adelaide initially hates Rachel for spreading her legs for her husband, Henry, but then she realizes that they are sisters, and sisters can share everything, even her husband's p_nis. And they lived happily ever after. Heh heh, heh heh heh. It's hard to write this while I'm laughing so hard!


Men who fart in public are evil. Once we hear and smell Mordecai farting in front of Henry, we know he is evil. He is purposefully keeping Henry in debt to control him, and he emits foul stenches from his ass without any regard to other peoples' noses.


Slavery isn't possible without the help of black people. I was surprised to learn that slaves like Charlie were in charge of controlling and even whipping other slaves. Even when Henry didn't want to whip them Charlie did--he was more in favor of slavery than his slave master! If not for helpful slaves like Charlie, slavery would not have been possible in the South. Should blacks pay reparations to themselves? Just a thought.

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