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Plot Summary Part 2

  My favorite line: "She wrapped her legs around his hips to allow him deeper into her body."

Rachel really enjoyed the sex, and felt Charlie ejaculating into her. Squirt squirt squirt! A good thing that Rachel is eating  the birth control root!

Charlie asks his master Mordechei Mannheim for permission to marry Rachel. Mannheim graciously says that Charlie does not need his permission. What a nice slave master! However, Mannheim refuses to promise to keep Rachel and Charlie together when he sends Rachel off with Adelaide. What a mean slave master!

Since they won't be together long term, Charlie and Rachel break up. Charlie, however, quickly finds another slave to bone and fills her with his luscious slave sperm.

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Adelaide meets another Jew named Henry. Henry is the most eligible Jewish bachelor in town. He is also the only one. Given her limited choices, she agrees to marry him.

Mordechei Mannheim loans Henry a lot of money to buy a plantation so he can work slaves too. But Henry is very nice to slaves. He even works in the field picking cotton with them!

Henry goes to Mannheim to get more slaves. We learn Mannheim is evil because he farts in Henry's presence. Mannheim gives Henry more slaves but charges a lot of money for them. He also charges Henry a lot of money for the equipment and the land he is giving him. Virtually none of it is a wedding gift, as is expected.

Mannheim tells Henry that he is giving him Rachel and Charlie. After telling Charlie that he would not keep the two together, prompting Charlie to marry someone else, Mannheim changed his mind and is keeping them together. What a farting bastard! From now on I am going to call him the farting Mannheim.

Rachel's Mom tells Adelaide that she has to "do her duty" on her wedding night. She explains how Adelaide has to spread her legs and let Henry bone her. Adelaide asks Rachel if p_nis hurts. Rachel smiles and says just a little, but then you grow to really enjoy it, heh heh.

On their wedding night, however, Henry is so sensitive to Adelaide's fears that he does NOT bone her. He must be the only man not to bone his wife on their wedding night. Instead he decides to wait until she is "ready". What a wimp!

Adelaide talks to a friend who tells her she can withhold sex as a weapon to get her husband to do whatever she wants, but if she withholds it for too long, her husband will start boning slave girls. Upon hearing this, Adelaide immediately runs to Henry, drops her pants and spreads her legs. She doesn't want Henry boning any slave girls!

Adelaide lay back and let Henry bone her. She felt the "friction" and felt the "rhythm". Henry cried out and sprayed her insides with sperm. But Adelaide felt nothing enjoyable. She didn't like the sex.

Henry boned Adelaide at other times but she didn't enjoy it, not even when he licked her breasts, not even when he licked her v_gina. What kind of frigid woman is Adelaide anyway? Here Henry is, licking her v_gina like a lollipop, and it's like making love to a block of ice.

Then one day Adelaide shits bloody pieces of baby into her chamber pot. A slave tells her that the baby didn't stick inside of her, and good luck next time! Adelaide doesn't tell Henry.

Henry is very gentle. He even apologizes to Rachel for not giving her more help in the kitchen. It is very unusual for a master to apologize to a slave! This excites Rachel.

Henry is so sensitive that he doesn't like to whip slaves. When a slave escapes and is recaptured, Henry doesn't want to whip him but Charlie the slave driver, insists that the escaped slave has to be whipped to prevent other slaves from running away. So here we have a situation where a slave is insisting on other slaves being whipped.

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