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Plot Summary Part 1

Chris shoot his girlfriend Emily in the head. Bang! She's dead.

The end!

Just kidding, it's only the beginning.

Chris's interrogated by the police. At first Chris says he took his dad's gun so he and Emily could both kill themselves. Emily would go first and he would go second. But Chris changed his mind and only killed Emily.

Throughout much of the book we get the tremendously overused technique of flashbacks, in this case to show the beginnings of the relationship between Chris and Emily, which started when they were only like 5 years old. Both kids are naked and Chris comes over and asks why he has a p_nis and Emily has a v_gina, and his Mom explains that is just how it is, and someday they will be very happy for the difference, as one part fits neatly inside the other. Even though Chris is only five years old, his Mom, Gus, can already imagine Chris pumping his cock in and out of Emily.

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Back in the present, investigators determine from the angle the bullet was fired it looks like Emily was shot by someone else. They don't think it was a suicide, they think Chris killed her. They also learn that Emily was pregnant. They think that Chris may have killed Emily because he didn't want a pregnant girlfriend, and they arrest him and charge him with first degree murder.

There's another flashback to the time when Chris stole a sex manual from his parents and he and Emily study it to learn what they will be doing in a few years. Emily orders Chris to kiss her. I think they're only about 9 years old but she wishes to begin the reproduction process now. Like an obedient slave he kisses her. It begins.

Flash forward to when they  are 15 and their parents catch them kissing. They have no problems with 15 year olds kissing each other and making out even though it is pretty clear what will happen next. Their parents are retarded.

Back in the present, Chris admits that he had no intention of killing himself. He was only trying to stop Emily from killing herself. This makes Chris look more guilty because it looks more like he might have been trying to kill Emily alone rather than doing a double suicide.

Melanie, Emily's mom, finds an expensive watch that Emily was going to give as a gift. Many pages are spent discussing this. This is supposed to be significant somehow to the story, but really, it isn't.

There is a flashback to just a year ago when Chris is trying to bone Emily and Emily resists Chris's firm cock. She's frigid! This is very common with some girls.

Chris tries to excite her by taking Emily's hand and putting it on his cock.  "You're supposed to touch me!" he demands. "I can't!" she whispers.

In another attempt, Chris gets to second base as he takes off her bra. But when he puts his hand in her pants and tries to rub her v_gina, she orders him to stop. When he doesn't stop, she punches him in the face.

After that, Chris does the only rational thing I have seen him do in this entire book: he dumps Emily and gets a more compliant girlfriend. He picks a girl named Donna with "grapefruit sized breasts" and before long they are copulating on their first date. But Chris doesn't enjoy it; he realizes he really wants to spray his semen inside Emily, not Donna, even if Emily's breasts are not as big as grapefruits. He makes up with Emily and acts like an obedient slave who has had his nuts cut off.

Back in the present, Chris is in jail. Another prisoner invites him to the prison shower at 10:15.

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