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Christopher Harte: Chris is the dumb teenager who sort of kills his girlfriend Emily. They grow up together as kids and date for years. Chris gets really frustrated when he tries to repeatedly insert his p_nis into Emily and fill her with his magical sperm, but she resists. Finally she relents and he squirts into her, giving her a baby, but Emily does not enjoy being penetrated by a man. She is so unhappy with the sex that she wants to die. Chris helps her out with his Dad's gun. Bang! Then he's charged with murder. He's a real dope.

James Harte: Chris's dad. He likes to shoot sick dogs in the head.

Gus Harte: Gus is Chris's mom, despite having a man's name, she still has a v_gina down there. She would do anything, even lie on the witness stand, to save her son.

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Emily: The messed up girlfriend of Chris. When she was nine years old she had a Big Mac panic attack when a pervert touched her v_gina for exactly two seconds in the bathroom of a McDonald's. That changed her whole life and make her hate sex. The more sex she had with Chris the more she wanted to kill herself. Finally she persuaded Chris to off her.

Michael Gold: Emily's dad. He thinks Chris is innocent.

Melanie Gold: Emily's Mom. She thinks Chris is guilty. She tries to seduce her husband with the promise of v_ginal sex to persuade him not to testify on Chris's behalf, but her v_gina is too old and dry to be of much good.

Jordan: The defense attorney. Not emotionally sympathetic to Chris but a great lawyer, makes good points at cross examination which raise doubts about Chris's guilt.

Steve: The baby killer who Chris bonds with in jail. They even get "his and his" tattoos together, with decidedly gay overtones.

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