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Tiffany: Tiffany is married to Vid. She used to be a stripper who gave lap dances and let her clients bone her. But she says she was a dancer, not a prostitute, heh heh heh.


Vid: Vid is Tiffany's wife. We don't know if his name is short for Video but if it was, maybe he could film Tiffany at work. Vid is not upset that Tiffany was a stripper or even that Tiffany boned one of her clients.


Clementine: Clementine is married to Sam and has two children, Holly and Ruby. Erika wants Clementine's eggs so Oliver can spray them with his sperm. Heh heh, heh heh heh heh heh. Clementine feels an obligation to do so because Erika saved Ruby's life.

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Sam: Sam is Clementine's husband. Their sex life is bad and he is thinking about leaving her to find more arousing sex with someone else.


Oliver: Oliver is Erika's husband. He wants to spray Clementine's eggs with his sperm and then squirt the mixture into Erika's v_gina. But when he finds out that Clementine is a thieving nut he loses his erection.


Erika: Erika wants to have kids but her eggs are bad so she wants one of Clementine's. But she's also a mentally ill thief and that turns Oliver off.


Harry:  Harry is the old guy next door who sees Ruby drowning and trips on the stairs and dies as he races to warn the family. No one cares since he is such a peripheral part of the story.

Ruby: Ruby is the daughter of Clementine and Sam. She almost drowns in a fountain because Clementine is distracted and Sam is too busy staring at Tiffany's large stripper breasts.

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