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nopenopenope posts on 4/30/2013 1:28:38 AM no no this cannot be happening. i can.not get a crush on you. i have to stop. a crush on you will..will..just...oh god. all the bad. it'll wreck our friendship because it will come out eventually. i'll slip up. you trust me, i can't break that trust.
Beau Allen posts on 4/26/2013 5:47:38 AM This is only a test. had this been an actual emergency, I Wouldn't be wasting my time posting here.
Promise 2U. posts on 4/15/2013 2:23:03 PM When I tell you I Love You, I don't say it out of Habit or to start a conversation, I say it to Remind you that You're the Best thing that Ever Happened to Me! You are the Only one whose on my Mind,and who will Always be in My Heart.. I need you Now.

Peter Jorgensen posts on 4/11/2013 10:01:14 AM I am sick and tired of the assholes *Annonymous* and the jerk Julian Assange , (the great asshole) hacking our systems- and stealing informations. join me in the fight against the pirates.
Waiting posts on 4/11/2013 2:38:07 AM I dont know why Im feeling this way.. Im sad, upset and feel so alone. When will it be my turn to be inlove and be happy again.. Im getting older and like they say, time waits for no one! I just hope and pray that God hears my prayers.. Im ready for my Love Story! Awaiting my Prince Charming.. Hope he's smart enough to ask for Directions.. :)
time posts on 4/8/2013 9:51:23 PM I'm ready to leave, I want to leave everything and everyone, start a new life. I want to forget everything that's happened to me, all my problems and start fresh. I want to finish my story and find someone.
Lance posts on 4/8/2013 7:34:54 PM I know you can trace any message I post back to me, but this is the only way I can reach you. I know you're the one screwing with my school admission process. You can't hide behind your family forever. I will find you and expose you someday.
Rain.. posts on 4/5/2013 12:09:41 PM Oh how I miss sweetheart, ive been trying to call you everyday,since we last talked. Im not sure whats going on with my network/phone company! Call me, love you lots xx
Unknown posts on 4/3/2013 2:26:10 AM Brandongamer is very annoying.
weeeeborg posts on 4/2/2013 1:20:22 AM dude. i really need you to text me back. i need to know you're alive. this is pointless cause you don't come here but i've got nobody to tell. you are seriously worrying me right now. please. please. i don't care if you got a girlfriend. just text me back.
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