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Tachikoma posts on 3/18/2016 10:00:19 PM By the way… By the way, I love you? I’m in love with a wierdo who drags his pet lizard across town on the bus to come watch a movie with me. And I’m not sure what I can do about it. I’ve already told him I like him. But it wasn’t enough. I have a boyfriend after all. Whom I also love. And am very loyal to. Well, in some ways I guess maybe not. He knows I like someone. He seems fine with it so long as it’s only a crush and never goes beyond that. But it’s kind of not just a crush anymore. And it kinda kills me that I can’t do anything about it out of loyalty for the first guy I loved. He was the first, so he takes priority. I enjoy spending time with both of them, the wierdo and the first guy.
Random guy posts on 3/16/2016 12:58:54 PM Amazing. I have no friends left and more money than I have ever had. My relationship just exploded. Hard to say if that is a bad thing or a cause for celebration. I guess it's always like that. It's also a huge mess. We've been building our lives together for years now and it all has to be separated. I deserve it I suppose. I've been an awful person. I've done things I never thought I would and become a distant lonely person. Where did I go wrong? If it too late to have a life that means slightly more to me than nothing?
Maynard G Krebs posts on 3/10/2016 10:46:00 PM I developed a heinous ego and sense of entitlement for the first 30 years of my life. I genuinely thought I was better than everyone else. I know that seems impossible but I felt there was something I understood that everyone else didn't. I've always been a sarcastic, rude, condescending jerk. Something happened about 3 years ago, I realized it all. I realized my place and the importance of coexisting. The problem is the old me is built into muscle memory and I can't stop being a jerk. I don't realize the damage I'm doing until the dust has settled from my fighting to the death to make sure I win an argument and that someone doesn't make me look bad. I can't be quiet and I never say the right thing. I'm 34 and I act like a child. My failed attempts and changing to a cooler, better person have lead me to begin hating myself. It might be too late to teach this "old" dog new tricks.

M posts on 2/26/2016 6:01:48 PM Every day I think about how different my life would be now if I grew up with a family that taught me how to love who I was, if I was taught to love myself and accept myself as I was/am. I knew I was transgender as a child, but I didn't know other people dealt with it as well. I fell into such a depression because of it and felt so awful for who I was, as a 5 or 6 year old. I was in denial about it for the next 25 years. Now I have a child of my own.. And I'm still trying to learn to love myself and I am scared daily he will grow up lacking the love I so desperately wish I was capable of giving him. I don't feel like I'm capable of loving. I'm always so sad. I'm worried he will grow up to be sad like me.
Me posts on 2/21/2016 4:39:02 PM Sometimes my heart aches at the pain I have caused in my children's lives. The worst part is that even the pain isn't enough to be better. I don't mean abuse, just the failure of being what they need. Being wrapped up in my own life or trying to keep my marriage working, sometimes at their expense. Most days I think that they deserve so much more. That they deserve a man that can stand up and put his foot down. My failure as a father is the knife in my chest. How can the pain not be enough?
SuperFluter Frisk posts on 2/13/2016 3:38:51 AM I need some ideas for drawing. Anything from specific people to a pretty dress, 3 fish to a snake, basically anything that can be simplified!
Lavinia posts on 2/9/2016 6:14:03 PM I don't know if I can do this anymore. Normally I'd be able to handle a divorce--if the worm I'm supposed to call my father would actually handle it like a mature adult. He's done such infantile things like block my mother from texting/calling and pretend to not hear her when she addresses him. He's cried several times and it's really pathetic. He's also verbally abusive and constantly invades my privacy. I feel so angry whenever I look at his face, I can't stand to be near him, I feel so dirty every time I see him, a filthy feeling that no shower can seem to wash off. I don't know what to do, and I'm not moving for a little while and this environment I'm living in is so awful. Add to that the pressure of school and self-esteem issues related to that and it's not a fun time. I don't know what to do.
Rm posts on 2/4/2016 4:02:58 AM Straight to the point. Who would be up for actually standing up to our government, I mean go down there and overthrow them. Most of you say you want change and then just sit down doing the same mindless stuff you've been doing for years. I'd like to say that we have the numbers against them and that the government wouldn't kill they're own civilians if we all stood up to them, but sadly, we have enough people that think this but wont do it, and as for them killing us, they would. But that's partially why change needs to happen. What I want to achieve is to simply make a world where money would no longer be needed, we have everything we need to accomplish everything we have and more on the earth without money, so why was a value given to coins and paper? Why are people killed everyday over this object? I am aware of how hard this will be. Because we have lived in a world where money is the only thing that makes success its obvious that it's now needed, because most of you can't simply do something to help another, you need to benefit from it. Basically want to create an army of people that arnt afraid to stand up. Change needs to happen. If I get enough feedback, trust me this will happen and I won't be anonymous.
Anonymous posts on 2/2/2016 1:52:37 PM I've been with my boyfriend for four years. I've been talking to my ex for a lot of my relationship. My ex threatened to tell my current boyfriend about everything. I do nothing but panic, and I've realized I screwed over my dream guy. Only he doesn't know it. I have the option to do whatever I want. I can get back with him and keep this dark secret hidden, tell him about everything, or I can leave him alone. I want nothing more than to be with him, but I don't want to tell him. I want to be with him wholeheartedly. I don't know what to do.
Andrew posts on 1/28/2016 8:33:04 PM So I just asked someone out for the first time in my life tonight. I'm 15 and you would think I would have already had a relationship by now since I'm a sophmore in Highschool. Long story short, it was very awkward and she said she wanted to talk to me tomarow in school so I hope it goes well. On did I mention she is one of my best friends sister
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