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Confused!? posts on 12/3/2012 12:54:15 PM Confused? Why? Theres nothing confusing about anything! Its all in ur head/ur mind! You know what.. Im moving on with my life.. Im really tired of all this! Its time for me to forget you.. I cant do this again.. I want someone who will love me,cherish me for who I am.. Im nothing like what you assumed i am.. I honestly believed you love and cared for me.. That was wishful thinking! One day you will see the truth and then its going to be to late, but one thing K, i loved you,i would have done anything ANYTHING for you and us! I gaved you my heart, you just ripped it into a million pieces.. Im setting you Free.. Plz dont think about me..its over for good..dont look back and and I will always have the sweet Memories,laughter,the good long nights we shared hummm teary~.. Just move on and Be happy! I met someone,who is dying to be with me.. To love me..So, im going to give him that chance.. To love and finally be with ME! :( Just know that Ill always love you! Be good and God Bless You and Yours.
confused posts on 11/29/2012 10:49:28 PM so what's next??? I am sure whatever happened,you knew what you were doing didn't you??? Take care of the situation and yourself instead of posting here at random.It will be a much more useful way to spend your time.Good luck and be good.
Goodbye posts on 11/28/2012 6:51:23 PM I love you. I'm sorry. I wish this hadn't happened. But for now, I have to stay away. I have to take care of myself. I cannot talk to you until this school year ends. I'll miss you and I won't stop thinking. I don't regret it.

WHilton posts on 11/28/2012 5:03:18 PM Easiest and safest way to access The Silk Road anonymous drug marketplace: pastebin dot com/LTa2EHKf It's so famous now, I thought some people might want to check it out. Buying drugs is illegal, but reading the page isn't! I posted this for entertainment and research purposes only.
SimplyMe posts on 11/27/2012 11:47:34 PM You know, I'd always love you! No matter how far away and what you ASSUMED HAPPENED! Ill always Treasure you,what we had.. Even till this day, I somehow Pray that God will lead you back to me somehow... I guess theres a pinch of Faith and Hope that things will be the way we were.. You still have my heart.. I dont know why, im still holding on.. But, maybe theres a reason that i am.. Anyways.. I love and miss you Terribly.. Bless you and baby K always xox.
Truth posts on 11/27/2012 6:04:48 PM The truth is out in the open. Always tell the truth. It is the only thing that can actually keep you sane.
4eva posts on 11/26/2012 11:55:13 PM Guess I'll just wait until the new year to turn over a new slate and start up something new. I love you.
Please posts on 11/26/2012 10:53:14 PM I need to know you're alive. I need to know that you are okay. If nothing else I just need to know you are safe.
Hate posts on 11/26/2012 7:21:11 PM I know you hate me right now. And trust me, I hate me too, but I want you to know I'm sorry. You won't ever have to see me again. I know you probably don't want to. I wouldn't either. But I will never give up on us.
??? posts on 11/26/2012 7:08:02 PM Wondering how everything is going. Just hope you are okay and I wanted to say I am sorry for everything. This is all my fault and don't worry, I'm punishing myself for it.
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