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cris dillo posts on 2/22/2005 8:30:55 PM the things that i love about his books the way he has mortal enemys talk to each other and the bullying of arrogent courtiars so funny
kayleigh posts on 2/20/2005 3:21:06 PM !!!!!David Eddings is my second fav author. his books rock. i loved the belgariad and i loved the mallorean if is these books are anything to go by then i cant wait to read the rest. their amazing, works of genius. well done david!!!!! ps they should definately make a movie out of the belgariad. it would be class,- just dont make it to long cause then it would suck, but id probably still go to see it.
odins chosen posts on 2/15/2005 11:23:48 AM David Eddings is a genuis.I am currently working on a r.p.g that will bring sir. sparhawk and garion together

Jen posts on 2/9/2005 3:02:51 PM I dreamed last night that the Elenium had been made into a movie and I was watching the trailer on tv. It looked really cool. Hey, Tolkien was a big hit at the box office, why not Eddings?
BookWorm posts on 1/27/2005 3:45:45 PM im almost 14 and i have read the belgariad and the mallorean loadsa times they are absolutely amazing, i read a lot but these books just stand out. I love the elenium and tamuli too all david eddings books r great, and im totally mazed to c how many fans there r noone else i know has heard of the books!
cel posts on 1/16/2005 1:57:15 AM David and leigh are the greatest! I have read all of their books. And still waiting for their latest works.
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