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Haley posts on 3/28/2007 5:57:17 PM Who bought the rights to make Tithe a movie? And where did you find this information? I don’t know whether to be excited or disappointed. While Tithe is definitely more deserving of being made into a movie, they always slaughter good books by making them into movies. Blood and Chocolate, anyone? I haven’t actually seen it, but I saw the previews and it looks thoroughly dumb. I also heard that Vivian shoots Gabriel at the end, instead of getting with him…and that she falls in love with Aidan(???). Anyway, Tithe is unquestionably movie material, but I’m afraid they’re going to either make it retarded, totally screw up Roiben (I can‘t think of any actors that could accurately portray him), change the ending (and/or other important details), or all of the above. And you know if they make a movie out of it, they have to make a movie out of Ironside. Do you think Ironside is movie material or not? And for goodness sake, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS! Something! Not too much, or something really important, but something… And I heard that Holly isn’t writing any more books set in this world, but she does have other things she’s working on. Do you have any idea what this may be?
Kitze posts on 3/25/2007 1:18:17 AM actually i found it at the local thriftstore somehow. and actually the rights to both tithe and valiant have been bought, but the valiant film is moving along quicker
Haley posts on 3/23/2007 7:01:15 PM I hate you, Kitze! Did you win it in that contest? My friend and I were going to enter it, but she's a procrastinator and I made the mistake of waiting 'till she wanted to get with me so we could write it. The contest was over by then, of course! I wrote my own after it was finished, and looking at the winning entries, I could have won! It makes so mad that I didn't enter! I don't know if there's going to be a movie made of it. I doubt it, but if they did, they'd probably butcher it anyway. They always do that. I think the only movies I've seen where this wasn't the case is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and even then they deviated from the books. I have heard rumors of a Valiant movie, though.

Anonymous posts on 3/17/2007 10:59:59 PM Im still reading Tithe and I am on page 187 and I just got it yesterday... anyway I became obsessed with since the first chapter. Its just a good book. I heard rumors that there is going to be a movie!?! Is that true?? I really need this answer... so if someone reads this and knows the answer, please post has soon has you can. Thank you!!
Kitze posts on 3/12/2007 5:50:17 PM So i just got an advanced readers copy of Ironside and it is AMAZING. I read it nonstop for a day. It's very good and well worth the wait.
Haley posts on 12/16/2006 9:21:13 PM SPOILER WARNING! I found an Ironside excerpt on Holly's livejournal! ALL of Chapter 2! Here's what happens in a nutshell: Roiben recieves a messenger from the Seelie Court--his sister. She seems different, and she's cut her hair. When he asks why, she says "For my brother. When he died." This confuses him, but he doesn't comment on her strange behavior. He tells her that nothing about Silarial tempts him any longer. She says she must stay for his coronation. Meanwhile, Corny(WHAT is he doing?!)catches a faerie. Then we go to Kaye, drunk at Roiben's coronation. Some other fey convince her that if she doesn't declare herself to him and have him send her on a quest to prove her love, someone else will get to him first. She does this, and Roiben, shocked, refuses. But, as one of his court points out, now it is too late and he MUST honor her request.
christine posts on 11/28/2006 12:06:49 PM Wait, there's a Tithe fansite?? What's the address???
Haley posts on 11/27/2006 10:30:18 PM Ah, perhaps Silarial is the one Roiben is referring to! In response to Elana, in Valiant Ravus mentions that fey are unable to lie outright. I suppose they can conceal things from people, but not speak a clear untruth. In response to Tamsin, Wow, you're just like Kaye, only English!
Tamsin posts on 11/26/2006 4:58:46 PM so glad theres a Tithe fansite! when i first started obessing it was like nobody ever heard of holly black! im 1/2 japanese, 1/2 white and blonde but english so whoever gets to play Kaye better be good cause im sooooo jealous.Does anyone have any idea?
elana posts on 11/25/2006 1:06:36 PM i thought faries could lie like humans, i mean silarial queen of the seeile court denied about being involved in sacrificing kaye and im sure she wasn't being controlled by anyone.
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