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Candelaria Galvin posts on 3/17/2009 4:06:52 AM I have read and LOVED every single one of the Prey book. I haven't read any books for several years, and just for fun, I looked up to see if he's written any other Prey books, and low and behold, there was Invisible Prey and I asked my hubby to check it out at the library. It was very good, except that I noticed, as I've never noticed in his other books, how politically ugly John Sandford has gotten. In Invisible Prey, the characters were apparently Democrats who held nothing but disdain for Republicans. I was really, REALLY disappointed in John Sandford. It made me literally sick when I read the hateful way the characters talked about the Republicans. Its pretty funny that the Democrats/Liberals all say the Conservatives are the hateful ones, when everything I've read from the liberal side is spiteful, mean, and dispicable. I'm an Independent, with leanings towards Repulblican, but I always vote a split ticket, and it just makes me so sad to see John Sandford sinking to this low level. I thought perhaps it was just a fluke with Invisble Prey, but I've just started reading Phantom Prey, and I haven't read thirty pages yet, and there's this ugliness about Republicans again. I hate to boycott everything because then I wouldn't have anything to enjoy. I wish Mr. Sandford would leave the politics out or if he can't, why can't it be generic like in his past novels, where everyone complains about ALL the politicians, not just one party? I want to say that I'm disappointed in Mr. Sandford. I thought better of him.
chuck renfro posts on 2/26/2009 11:44:50 AM Please let me know if John Stanford is the person that wrote several books about the Iron Range. I am the architect for Hoyt Lakes amd would like to know what is going on since Tackonite Cont. co. shut down. I lived ther in 53-54-55 in a trailer while I built the first 40 houses. Have great memories. Chuck Renfro
tracey posts on 2/25/2009 9:31:54 PM ok let me in on the secret please.. where does the del name come from :(

Marco posts on 2/25/2009 9:09:31 PM Big hole in the plot: How is it the cops never investigated the maid? You know, the last one to see Frances alive? The one whose boyfriend just paid $42K in cash for an Emu farm? That being said, I liked the book anyway, read it in two days. Side note - I've been reading the Prey books for like 20 years now, and I just recently figured out where Del's name came from :)
Gwen Huttula posts on 1/26/2009 10:42:14 PM My sister and I are avid fans of the "Prey" novels and are delighted that you have introduced a new character in Virgil Flowers. However, there is an error in the second novel "Heat Lightning." Where does Virgil's father preach? Lutheran or Presbyterian? We got a good laugh but shame on your editors. Keep up the good work. 2 Sisters from the beach
tracey posts on 1/22/2009 8:31:31 PM oh no i just got phantom prey... why do writers do this after so many books..
Belinda Elizondo posts on 7/10/2008 12:19:42 AM I just finished Phantom Prey and must admit that i was very disappointed. The last two Prey books don't hold a candle to the earlier works. It's as if student writers were given the task to write a Lucas Davenport book, and the top submissions were given John Sanford's authorship. Where's the psychological backstory of the villians? What's up with Letty's character? She had interesting potential~~more than just a cardboard ward. What happened to Lucas' problem solving skills? Depression again? This felt like an abridge version; needed much more fleshing out. I've eagerly devoured the Prey books after being introduced to them. These last two have left a bad taste in my mouth. But I will still look forward to another.
Dennis McCargar posts on 5/27/2008 2:07:20 AM I am both surprised and disappointed that a fan, or perhaps more than one, is upset with John's latest effort, Phantom Prey. I like it, and I am still reading, have about 50 pages to go. The only complaint that I can imagine is the psycho stuff with the killer imagining a person who isn't there, even having sex with him...this was a little unlike the Sandford we know, but hardly call for dissing the book or claiming it is less than we expect from one of the best writers out there. I am happy enough just having another Prey novel again, a little variation from the standard format is OK with me...although, I have to admit that I was maybe a little anxious when the story moved into this realm...I would equate it with the "Neil Diamond syndrome" (my term) when he performed a new version of several old hits on the "Hot August Nights" album, mostly live recordings, and which were dominated by the artist's need to play it differently, not the same old version that was a hit. The Eagles tried it, very successfully with a strange and mysterious (and very satisfying)live intro to Hotel California, but they reverted to the original chords, which gave away the "musical joke"...Rick Nelson had a hit song in which he complained about this very thing, how his fans want to hear it the same way they first heard it, while he needed to reach out for new sounds and chords and riffs...that one was called "Garden Party", remember it? So, we can think of this new wrinkle in the Prey novels as Sandford's Garden Party, ok?
Pat Petzold posts on 5/26/2008 11:59:31 AM I have all of the Prey Books. I love them ! I named my 6 year old Wire Haired Dachshound LUCAS after Lucas Davenport. But the last one PHANTOM PREY you can forget it ! If Sandford keeps on writing in this vein I will no longer be one of his fans. Pat Petzold Heilbronn, Germany
miguel rodriguez posts on 4/7/2008 3:27:42 AM Davenport never kept me up 'til three thirty in the am. Virgel Flowers has.Thank God I'm retired,any more on the way? Thank You,Miguel.
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