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doonesb posts on 11/12/2007 6:48:33 PM How can I can a list of 'Prey' books in chronological order. I have missed a few and want to make sure I read them in good order. Thank you,
posts on 7/6/2006 1:55:12 PM It was good to see a different kind of killer this time. One who can kill the political wrongdoers..In his new book, Dead Watch, opens the door for him to get some fresh air. Still not as fast action as any of the Prey, but theres alot of dirty politics out there to.
posts on 4/10/2006 1:57:32 PM As a husband and father, I do think it is necessary to stray with Weather. Lucas understands how important that part of his life is and would not dare jeapordize it. However, a spicy new young detective he must work with might add some drama, yet in the end he must remain loyal. Did you see "Lost in Translation?" Bill Murray stayed true to his wife even when things were not too exciting after being married for some many years. I agree that a new villian is needed. How about someone who uses the internet or technology to get at his prey? A "Myspace" serial killer?

Aine posts on 11/28/2005 12:12:45 PM While waiting impatiently for the next Sandford to be published I have been reading other authors. (Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa). Carl Hiaasen's acknowledgments include "the appallingly prolific John Camp" in BASKET CASE.
KarenEileen posts on 11/28/2005 10:12:47 AM No, I don't think Lucas should "stray a little." That's like being a "little" pregnant! I don't think keeping Lucas faithful to Weather while remaining the same type of cop he's always been will restrict Mr. Camp's storywriting at all. I think it will be challenged. Rather than a book that goes back in time, I'd like to see another story that puts the family in peril, highlighting their strenght as a unit. Lettie should be almost out of high school by now, the baby in grade school, maybe another baby by now, who knows? I think Weather's skills should be brought back into the active storyline as well, not just her medical & surgical skills either. Since all the major bad guys from previous stories are dead, a new mega-bad guy would do the job; one who gets away as Clara did, leaving the door open for another story. I also think Lettie needs to be back in a big way. She was quite a character. OFF TOPIC: I HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GOOD THANKSGIVING, AND HAS A GREAT CHRISTMAS, HAUNAKKAH, QUANSA, OR WHATEVER WINTER SOLSTICE SEASON YOU CHOOSE TO CELEBRATE!
Dennis McCargar posts on 11/27/2005 4:07:13 AM KarenEileen: well said, lets make up and talk about John Sandford. I met him at a booksigning where he admitted that he was really torn between the two sides of Lucas, i.e., his freewheeling lifestyle before settling down with Weather, and the trusted and devoted husband...we all agreed that the progression into middle age seemed to warrant his remaining true to Weather, while kind of limiting his, John's, range as the storyteller. What do you think? Will we readers be happier with a rational and settled-down Lucas, or should he stray just a little? I have to think that one solution might be to revisit Lucas' past, i.e., John could write a story that takes place when Lucas was younger and single, thus he does not disrupt the family harmony we have in the present...think it would work? Dennis
Bobbi posts on 11/25/2005 4:03:09 PM I met Mr. Camp at a book signing and asked him about the pinking shears and he said we would never know just what happen because he would never tell. As we all know he has never wirtten anything about it except for the teasers that he throws in just for fun. I too liked Carla and was sorry to see her killed. I wished she could have retired with her baby and soon to be husband. I love all the books but I think Carla's are my favorites I don't care for Kidd as much but I do read his books.
Ochiya posts on 11/25/2005 10:32:13 AM I have read the Prey series twice now, and the Kidd series once. What a treat! I loved Clara Rinker, and was really disappointed when she was killed. I liked the rock and roll list, too. There are some really outstanding female characters who appear in the books. Rinker, of course; Lettie; Andi Manette; and Lou Ellen. But one of the most enjoyable (and surprising) things was discovering, when I read the Prey series the second time, was that Davenport and Kidd actually met! Ha! And there are a few veiled references to "an artist over in St. Paul," which surely must be Kidd. Well done! I would love to see a more substantive interaction between these two.
KarenEileen posts on 11/15/2005 11:46:47 AM Mr. McCargAr - Yes, I plead guilty to several typos. Generally I make typos when my brain is going faster than my fingers, which was the case in my response on 8/23 to your posting of the same date. I'd like to apologize for the "corruption" of the spelling of your last name and incorrect usage of your first name. That however is the only apology I intend to make. No, ethics, fair play and manners are not bad things. "SOMEONE with ethics, manners or a sense of fair play would never SUMMARILY (hastily or out of hand) dismiss people whom one has never met or has only been exposed to by one or two STATEMENTS expressing opinions about a FICTITIOUS story line." Additionly, SOMEONE posessing manners or fair play would never try to belittle others in a public forum which exists only for the exchange of ideas, not to point out a stranger's typwritten errors. YOUR posting, Mr. Dennis McCargAR is one of the reasons people are kicked off this site,(it was not CLOSED DOWN for this reason, as you mistakenly wrote) and regretfully, I have now lowered myself to your standard. Your mean spirit hit a nerve and I have responded not in defense of my posting, but in response to the audacity of your comments regarding your own "assumptions." Now, have I successfully elaborated on my STATEMENT so that you understand? Will this KEEP US THINKING? I never "assumed" anything, I was just responding to your original condenmation of others, something which seems to come to you quite easily with regularity. If you've found more typos, too bad. No one is perfect. SOMEONE posessing ethics, fair play and manners acknowledge that fact silently and do not bring attention to other's shortcomings or mistakes.
Dennis McCargar posts on 11/14/2005 7:27:51 PM Karen, Yours of 8-23 was not recognized as you addressed it to Dale...I just now noted the corruption of my last name (ER instead of AR) and realized you were responding to me! I have not a clue as to what you are trying to say ...the word "somean" is unknown to me, but I was able to translate "stamements" (sic), "summairily" (sic) and "ficticious" (sic) as well as "keep up thinking", "almost finish with" and "ph armacist" Maybe you could elaborate on your assumption: "so full of ethics and fair play"... is that a bad thing? Maybe you could also try a little proofreading before you select the send command?? Your fellow fan, not/Dale...
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