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Melissa posts on 10/24/2013 8:15:44 PM I have never read any of "The Cat Who..." books and wondered if it is best to read them in the order written? Thanks for the help.
Linda R. posts on 8/1/2013 2:55:37 PM I started reading The Cat Who . . . books several years ago--checked them out of the Helena Township Library in Alden, MI Was reading one daily. A few weeks I started again with the Cat Who Saw Stars--again, one or two a day. I wanted to be sure I'd read them all. The last one in the series had Polly staying in England (?) for three years, and Qwilleran's wonderful barn burned down. Today I was so sad to learn of Mrs. Braun's death in 2011. I would love to know if any of Braun's readers have found other authors who write in a similar style to her, so I can begin again with some other authors. Thank you so much for any help anyone can give me.
Suzann Ruch posts on 7/8/2013 2:39:30 PM I am looking for help -- my next stop is the Detroit Free Press, but I googled Lillian Jackson Braun and found this site, so I'll post here too. I love LJB -- have read pretty much everyone of her books. As a native Michigander, I always liked to try to figure out who/what/where Michigan-related she was writing about! I am also an amateur genealogist and have been tracking down my elusive 3x great grandmother for a couple of years - amid stories of capture by Indians, etc. I was aware of a book written by a cousin of mine regarding Catherine Cash Cobb and her capture and life, and I remembered a very strange photo of Catherine, bearing a unique scar pattern on her face -- supposedly the mark of the tribe she lived with for about 7-8 years before her release. Imagine my amazement when I discovered a newspaper clip from the Detroit Free Press -- date unknown, but probably from the 60's, that was written by Lillian Jackson Braun about my great-great-great grandmother Catherine! Would love to track down the actual date, and also the article alludes to another article from the DFP written "the winter before." I think this is an article from June or July as there is a "J" visible in the date -- rest is cut off, and there is a bit of an article below it about the Mackinac Race (a summer event). If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I'm treasuring the article because it is about my relative, but I'm just so pleased that it was something that one of my favorite authors wrote! Thanks so much. Good day to all!

Patricia posts on 4/17/2013 1:26:33 PM Lilian Jackson Braun has turned me into a reading snob! After reading her books, which is akin to watching an episode of haughty Frasier humor, other works of fiction now seem "marginalized" and of low humor! Like many of us I feel like I know the esteemed "Q".
Aileen posts on 3/30/2013 7:07:08 AM Lori has had so many jobs. I don't think the Spoonery was every mentioned after this book.
Chris posts on 3/29/2013 6:56:59 PM Have I missed something? I just read The Cat who Went Up The Creek...suddenly Nick and Lori Bamba are looking to be innkeepers...What happened to the Spoonery?
Sue Biskner posts on 1/30/2013 9:49:41 PM When Ms. Braun retired from the Detroit Free Press, she moved to Caseville, (Mooseville) MI. Her home was waterfront on Saginaw Bay, there was a large letter B on the driveway entrance. I believe she has incorporated many towns, geographical features, history of Michigan into one spot... Pickax City. There really is Bad Axe, MI, petroglyphs, I believe the "big lake" is Lake Superior, there really is a Booze Hotel, there really was a fire that destroyed several counties in what we call the thumb of Michigan. (We use our right hand, palm toward face as a map of Michigan to locate a town, to answer "where do you live", Mooseville is at the tip of the thumb), the sand giant is a legend around the western side of the state where there are miles and miles of sand dunes several stories high, the logging, mining, shipbuilding did happen. The Upper Peninsula (that connects to Wisconsin) was settled first by indigenous Indians, then the French fur traders, later by Scandinavian people who have remained in the U. P. and thrived. Welsh miners brought the pasty... pah stee, to Michigan. Breakfast Island is a conglomerate of islands in Saginaw Bay, Lake Superior, and Ocracoke Island which is part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Ocracoke was originally settled by washed up crew on pirate ships. Anyhow, enough history.
Donna Plummer posts on 1/21/2013 12:24:23 PM If you read all the books in a row, you see Qwill is a shy man who started with nothing and is not cocky. He works at great lengths to be humble, no new car, old clothes, etc. He always looks for ways to save money except when nec. like when he redid the apple barn. To write him as cocky or full of himself would be to not take into account where he came from and his gentle side.
Tchula Child posts on 1/21/2013 2:44:01 AM Jonathon! Hi! Geography was never my strong suit, so I am going to have to get bigger and better maps on my laptop to study the lay of the states around the Great Lakes. I will definitely study it.'s it going? I prefer Michigan as the setting. In Fourteen Tales, one short story flat out says Michigan. Am currently re-reading Read Backwards and definitely prefer Pickax. I have a hard time getting an understanding of Qwill's personality. Is he a somewhat humble, down to earth guy or is he a bit cocky? Is his opinion of himself a bit too high? I think he is more down to earth and very human because in one book, LJB wrote something about how well he thought he mooed when reading to the cats :) Paints a delightful picture!
Susan posts on 1/20/2013 6:01:36 PM The Cat Who Moved a Mountain was by far my favorite... because I too have been an outsider living amongst the mountain folk. Hilarious!! I hope this is the FIRST movie made and I conquest, Tom Relic is the Best choice to play our beloved Jim Q.
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