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Carol posts on 11/8/2006 8:57:37 PM Pride of the Peacock is a little slow going at the beginning, but it gets much better. The hero is a super alpha male - LOL - if you like that type. The PC books are quite different from the VH books in my opinion. First most of the VH books are set in the Victorian era, whereas the PC books span from Henry VIII to WWII. Also some of the PC books have two heroines - sometimes one good and one bad. The PC books don't always have a happy ending. There's also more of a historical context for the PC books. The VH books have more mystery and suspense, while the PC books have less and sometimes none at all. Also, since the PC books are a series, you find out what happens to the hero/heroine in subsequent books after they're married - and sometimes it doesn't end well for them. All that said, the PC books are great - some better than others, but overall a wonderful series.
Emma Louise posts on 11/8/2006 6:49:32 PM Two years I was in my college libary looking for a good book to read when I noticed stuck between the great books of literature, a tiny worn out book. Now I am very passionate about books and think of them as little people. So I took the book and looked at the last date it was borrowed which turned out to be before I was born - 1982 to be presice, I wasn't born until 1985, so I decided to take the book home, not to read, but to give it a little breathing space for two weeks if you like. One boring night in by myself I decided I would read this little book. All I can say is I am now in the middle of reading it for the 6th time and I just never tire off it. I don't think alot of people will have that reaction on this book, but they will with other books - I've found my soul book lol. I think I am drawn to the character Helena as we seem scarily alike.
Shannon posts on 10/27/2006 7:02:11 PM Im about a quarter of the wa though reading Pride of The Peacock for the first time, and I'm not sure it's one of my favorites. I'm about to get started of Phillipa Carr. Are her books extremely similar to VH? Is the only difference their different pen names? Or does Phillipa Car have a somewhat differnet formula for her books? Don't asume that I don't abusolutely lose Victoria Holt, she is infact my favorite author. My favorite book by her is Shadow of the Lynx because of its different twists.

Carol posts on 10/26/2006 9:02:12 PM I love The Secret Woman too because it's the first one I read, and I don't think, at age 13 or so, I figured out Chantal was the villainess. I didn't care much for House of a Thousand Lanterns, but it certainly wasn't one of my least favorites. My least favorites are: Snare of Serpents, The Captive, Daughter of Deceit (can never even remember what this was about), Black Opal. So lots of the later ones that didn't have the strong heroes. Knave of Hearts is one of my favorite of the PC series. I went from hating Dickon in earlier books (The Adulteress) to liking him in subsequent books, starting with this one.
Barbra Wells posts on 10/26/2006 5:02:27 PM I devoured every single one of Victoria Holt's books as a young woman in my teens and loved every single one of them. She weaves mystery, romance and history all into one and her heroines are all strong-willed, independent women! Mistress of Mellyn is my all-time favorite and the first VH book I ever read. Right now I am re-reading The House of a Thousand Lanterns, probably my second favorite. I feel as if I have re-discovered long lost friends!
Shannon posts on 10/23/2006 6:58:54 PM I absolutely loved reading THE ROAD TO PARADISE ISLAND. It was the 2nd book I ever read by VH, and I adore it! Please tell me how you enjoy it. I have decided to read The Pride Of The Peakock, but am anxious to start Knave of Hearts. I agree that the further back in time the book goes, the more entrancing it can be.
Teresa posts on 10/17/2006 3:06:08 PM Sometimes I decide between two of her books by just figuring out what I am in the mood for. Revolution era France (The Knave of Hearts)or late 1800's/early 1900's England/Australia (The Pride of the Peacock). Each era holds a different mood for me. The further back in time I go, the more of an adventure it is for me to read. I hope this makes sense. Good Luck, let us know what you decide and how you liked it. I haven't read The Knave of Hearts yet. I am in the midst of re-reading The Road to Paradise Island right now, I just read the chapter of Ann Alice's diary...creepy, but really good. :)
Shannon posts on 10/16/2006 7:25:31 PM I am about to start reading my first Phillipa Carr book: The Knave Of Hearts. Is it good? Also, I'm going to read VH's Pride of the Peacock. Which would you recommend to read first?
posts on 10/12/2006 1:09:44 AM I have read and re-read every Victoria holt novel over the years; my very favorite is the Secret Woman, even though I could guess the villain almost from the start...her Philippa Carr novels are wonderful too... it is her characterizations I love so much.
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