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Tina posts on 7/17/2007 8:31:17 PM Can enyone tell me if there are any Victoria Holt's books online to read? I have already read everything in my city and I can't afford amazon, since that the currency of my country has inflated so any foreign good is overpriced.
Cathy posts on 7/17/2007 1:32:52 AM Does anyone out there know if there have ever been movies made from her novels? And if no, why not.
Teresa posts on 7/9/2007 12:20:36 PM I liked Daughter of Deceit. The only book I never liked was The Black Opal. Which I think was finished by someone else. It was written the year she died I believe. Daughter may not turn out to be your favorite but it's worth the read.You should delve into some Philippa Carr (nom deplume). Those are great reads.

Tracy posts on 7/7/2007 7:41:15 PM Has anyone read Daughter Of Deciet? I was about to check it out from a library when I decided not to. It was one of the last books Victoria Holt wrote and I have not been thrilled with her later books (The Black Opal, The Captive, etc.)Is it worth reading? Or will it end disappointingly?
carol posts on 7/7/2007 4:43:44 PM you can also find them at which will direct you to amazon marketplace for used books
barbra posts on 7/7/2007 3:07:52 PM The only place I've been able to find Victoria Holt's books is on EBay.
alissa posts on 7/7/2007 2:14:03 PM Hello. Where can I purchase Victoria Holt's books? Thanks.
Amy posts on 7/5/2007 6:29:08 PM I am always searching for comparable authors to VH. Quite frankly I think she is the best! I have read all of her books. If you are having a hard time finding any of her novels, try paperback exchange stores. One other author I HAVE RECENTLY READ THAT WAS GOOD IS Rona Randall. Dragonmede was her first that i read and I loved it.
Teresa posts on 7/5/2007 6:05:39 PM You girls are singing my song. I love VH and her other pen names too! I'm getting to where I can't find anything that I haven't read already...not that there aren't any, just not where I normally shop for them. One day I was looking for her pen name Philipa Carr and found Robyn Carr. Robyn (no relation) now does contemporary (no thanks) but she did do historical fiction. So, I bought Shelynne by Robyn Carr and I loved it!! So will you if you ever run out of VH look for Robyn's Shelynne. It's based in 17th century England (during Charles II's reign.) Tallyho ladies!!
Patricia posts on 7/5/2007 4:38:14 PM Who was the inspiration for Ms. Holt's male hero? He male lead was usually (predictably) tall and thin. Predictabilty of plot aside I always found her novels to be a cracking good read!
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