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Beth posts on 2/22/2007 5:03:12 PM In the book the Shivering Sands I want to know what happened to the sister and the wife. I read the book probably 20 years ago and just read it again but my book was missing the last 20 pages or so. Could someone please tell me what happened. I really like the Victoria Holt books and I have started reading all of them over again.
Claire posts on 2/18/2007 6:49:11 PM I was about to give up reading any more of VH's books because I had grown tired of her predictability. However, after reading Night of the Seventh Moon, I was once more swept up in her amazing plots and story lines. I do agree with Kathy that near the end of her writing career she began making her book overly long, but she deserves credit for keeping readers transfixed in her books.
me posts on 2/13/2007 3:03:01 PM the book Emma Louise was talking about sounds like On the Night of the Seventh Moon. I know the main character's name is Helena Trant. I loved that book, as well as most of VH other books.

Megan posts on 2/10/2007 2:20:46 PM To June, I don't know how to email you but I am pretty sure you are talking about Mistress of Mellyn. I have been reading VH books since I was about 12 years old and I believe I have read all that are worth reading (more than once). She is one of my favorite authors. My favorite is probably On the Night of the Seventh Moon or The House of a Thousand Lanterns.
June posts on 2/8/2007 1:23:21 PM I remember reading a VH novel years ago and want to read it again but cannot remember which one it was. I thought her fans might be able to help me. A young woman takes a position teaching a wealthy man's daughter at his estate. She also has other children there to teach that belong to the servants. She falls in love with the master of the house but he is very mysterious and untrustworthy. His wife was murdered or disappeared. I am not sure. E-mail if any of you remember this one please.
KATHY posts on 2/6/2007 3:56:22 PM The first book i ever read by Victoria Holt was the Shivering Sands. She keeps the reader on the edge almost to the end of the book and the murderer is a true suprise. To me the next best example of her work is Mistress of Mellyn. I always wanted that book to be made into a movie. I invisioned Christopher Reeves and Meryl Streep playing the title roles. Ms. Holt's first books were very, very good. Her writing style did change over time. Eventually her books did become predictable, overly long and not really mysteries. However credit should be given to her for the great series and the ongoing saga of books she wrote under the name Phillippa Carr.
Shannon posts on 1/17/2007 10:27:07 AM In my opinion, The Black Opal was her weakest because it didn't seem to have much plot. It got rather long in the end and I think the book might have been finished by someone else. Not VH. The writing style just seemed to change near the end and being fans of VH, I think we all can tell when she isn't the one writing. The Black Opal was he last VH book so that might have something to do with it.
Andrea posts on 1/15/2007 12:36:30 PM I just finished reading "Menfreya in the Morning". I really enjoyed it, as I ALWAYS love VH books. I will be starting "The Black Opal". I have heard several times, posted here, that it was one of her weakest books. Any reasons why? Just curious, but I will find out for myself. Happy reading to you all!
Carolyn posts on 1/8/2007 12:37:49 PM Victoria Holt is the worst author I have ever read. Her plots are predicdalble and her heroins are perfect prefects of god. I read one of her books and was left disapointed and unfulfilled. She is terrible.
Shannon posts on 12/18/2006 6:39:39 PM Shadow Of the Lynx is one of the only VH books that actually drove me to tears. I was crushed when she goes off with Franklin leaving Stirling behind. It is however one of my all time favorite books.
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