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Later, they have ANOTHER sex scene, this time in a cold lake where they are swimming naked together. The cold water has caused Stieglitz's p_nis to shrink. But Georgia excites him and he "pushes into her from  behind, harder, deeper."

These two really can't get enough. Georgia tells Stieglitz she wants him to impregnate him. Stieglitz promises to do it later.

Now here's the part I don't understand. Stieglitz never impregnates her. Georgia says that's because he refuses to. But they have unprotected sex for years and years and years. Stieglitz must fill her up with gallons of sperm. How can Stieglitz control whether Georgia gets pregnant? Georgia implies that Stieglitz purposefully avoided impregnating her, but without using birth control, how was this done? Did Stieglitz use mind control to sterilize his own sperm with mental x-rays? Stieglitz's "reluctance" to impregnate her is a big source of contention between the two but is never explained.

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Georgia is angry for many years that Stieglitz never impregnates her. Maybe he squirted all that sperm in her ears instead of her vaj all those years.

When Stieglitz is not boning Georgia, he is taking nude photos of her, making sure her breasts are sticking out. When he takes the nude photos, he cuts off her head in the photos, just leaving her big boobs and her vaj. Georgia thinks this is brilliant, artistically speaking, but anyone with half a brain can see that Georgia is just being objectified for her sex parts, like she's a piece of meat.

Stieglitz starts to show off the nude photos of Georgia. Instantly Georgia's boobs and furry vaj become an overnight sensation in the art world. People come to Stieglitz's gallery to remark how artistic Georgia's boobs and vaj is. It's all fraud, of course, just an excuse for people to enjoy pornography, but it's treated as "high art".  Even Georgia realizes this, feeling ashamed that so many people are seeing her nude boobs and vaj. She feels like a whore, which, in a sense, she is, as people buy photos of her v_gina.

She even says that her nude photos have nothing to do with art. Stieglitz says it is helping to make her a famous artist. Once they appreciate Georgia's tits they will pay attention to her art, he tells her. He sells one porno photo of her for $5,000, which is a lot of money in the early 1900's.

Still, despite her mixed feelings, Georgia is happy to be the center of attention and enjoys the sexy looks she gets from guys who look at her after staring at photos of her vaj. She celebrates her success by letting Stieglitz twist her nipples, stick his fingers in her vaj, and bone her on the kitchen sink.

Georgia makes an abstract painting called the black spot. It's a black spot. Georgia looks at it and realizes how brilliant she is. Only she could make a black spot on a canvas with such brilliance. She instantly has an art orgasm, or an artgasm, as if she had fingered herself with her own painting.

Georgia spends a lot of time painting at Lake George in upstate New York.  Stieglitz invites a young woman there named Beck and starts photographing her in the nude. Georgia likes Beck and sees no problem with her husband photographing young girls in the nude. What could go wrong?

Georgia and Beck go swimming in the nude, and let Stieglitz take some hot photos of the two in suggestive lesbo poses. Georgia looks at one of the photos of Beck's large breasts later, and gets an artgasm as she observes how Beck's breasts fill half the photo, with large erect nipples.

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