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Plot Summary Part 4

One night he comes home with her perfume on him and Georgia is very angry.

When Georgia is angry she goes away to New Mexico to paint. Then she comes home to make up with Stieglitz. Then she catches him boning another woman, and Georgia goes back to New Mexico. I have just given you the complete plot to the rest of the book.

Stieglitz always lures her back by sending her many letters telling her how much he loves her. She comes back and they make up, starting the whole cycle again. Then she finds out that he's been boning Dorothy, and becomes angry again. Then she leaves for New Mexico again.

When she returns, Stieglitz tells her that just as she fulfills her needs by going to New Mexico, so too he fulfills his needs by boning young girls. It's all the same thing, don't you see, he tells her. Heh heh heh.

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They make up. Georgia lets him take photos of her mutilated boobs.

Then she catches him boning some chick in bed, and gets angry with him again. From this point she demands separate bedrooms and their marriage is purely for business. Even though Stieglitz cheats on her constantly, she still stays married to him because it helps her sell her paintings. If this is not a definition of a whore, then what is?

Georgia looks at Stieglitz's photos. Even though she is angry with him they are so brilliant! She gets an artgasm.

Georgia goes crazy, for reasons unexplained. She gets locked in a padded room. Then Georgia stops being crazy, for reasons unexplained, and is released from the padded room. Georgia eats and eats and gets so fat that she can't fit into her panties and starts wearing Stieglitz's underwear, heh heh heh. I guess since he is no longer boning her she has no reason to stay slim.

Georgia gets a guy named Jean to bone her. He evidently does not mind her belly or mutant breasts. Then she lets Stieglitz bone her again, as part of the fight-make up-fight cycle.

She makes more cow skull art, and thinks she is brilliant.

Stieglitz dies. Before his body is cold in the ground, Georgia has kicked his mistress in the ass and told her to get the f out of there, and then rips up some of Stieglitz's clothes. She has Stieglitz buried in a hidden spot and won't tell his family where the body is. Georgia is really f'ed up.

Georgia gets real old and gets a younger spanishy guy named Juan to bone her.

The end.

Literary Criticism:

This was not a terrible book. I have read many terrible books and this is not one of them. The relationship between Georgia and Stieglitz was interesting to observe, for a time. But really, the story was as follows:

First there was the adultery between Georgia and Stieglitz while Stieglitz  was married. Then there was a boatload of sex, squirt! squirt! squirt!, over and over. Then there were repeated artgasms over Georgia's work. Then Stieglitz started to bone other women. Georgia got upset with Stieglitz, fought with him, and made up, and fought with him again.

That's it. That's the entire book. It felt like something was lacking. None of the other characters were really elaborated on. There was no more complexity to the plot than as described above. It was a simple story. That's why while it certainly wasn't a terrible book, neither was it a great one.

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