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Plot Summary Part 4

That's right, Darby the hideous monster works the rest of her life at a button factory. Maybe her job is to push each button, heh heh.

Darby became friends with Esme's extended family but forgot to tell them she killed Esme. She became buddies with Esme's niece and eventually told her the truth that she killed Esme. But the niece didn't mind, she was ok with that.

Back in the present, an old, heavily scarred Darby meets Sam. They are both very old. Darby is very scarred, and Sam is so old he probably can't get an erection. Rose the reporter in present day New York who you have probably forgotten about by now, is happy the story has finally been told. I'm glad someone isn't happy, because it sure isn't the reader.

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The end.

Literary Criticism:

This was a really boring book. Nothing happened. Darby comes to New York. Darby sings. Darby kisses Sam. Darby gets disfigured and tosses Esme off the roof. The end.

The author tried to pad this short book (slightly north of 300 pages) by having a "present" segment where Rose tries to figure out what happened to Darby in the past, but most of the "present" chapters with Rose were clearly just filler that revealed nothing, until the very end. The story tried to excite us by telling us about the disfigurement at the very beginning, but that was the entire story. It felt as if you could have taken the first 10 pages of the story and the last 20 pages, put them together, and missed nothing.

Because nothing happened in this story. Darcy goes to typing school. Darby sings. Darby hangs out with snooty girls at the hotel. There's a knife fight at the end. This isn't more than a short story. You should demand your money back. If I had bought this book, I certainly would.

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