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Adultery can always be explained away. When Nick finds out that Bex has been kissing her brother Freddie, Bex is such a skilled liar that she convinces Nick that the kiss was actually a way to prove her affection for Nick. She turns the whole situation around and convinces him that the kiss gave her an epiphany of how much she loved Nick. Well, if she loved Nick so much, what was she doing kissing Freddie? Dumb Nick did not dwell on this.


Retarded wives make husbands angry. We don't learn why Prince Richard is such an angry guy until late in the book. It's because he's been forced to stay married to a drooling retard for 25 years and his Mom won't let him get a divorce. No wonder he's such a bitter guy!

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Playing hard to get works. When Bex sees she's not "sealing the deal" with Nick, she breaks up with him. It's a "play hard to get" strategy that works, forcing him to return to her, and ask her to marry him. One wonders whether Bex killed her own father to get sympathy from Nick. I wouldn't put it past her.


Aggressive women have strong sex drives. Bex always seems to be spreading her legs 24/7 for someone. I think her passion to marry a rich guy is tied into her sex drive, it keeps her going and going.

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