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Plot Summary Part 3

Jill gets a turkey baster and fills it with warm water and squirts it up her v_gina. Happy Thanksgiving, heh heh heh heh. Sorry, I couldn't stop laughing there. Jill decided to get boned by a strange guy and she wanted better sperm, and when she finally got what she wanted, she finds herself squirting herself with a turkey baster. I wonder if she has any of Andrey's turkey stuffing left in there, heh heh.

Meanwhile Leigh, who has promised to have a six week affair with Nick, instead decides she wants to leave her husband Lawrence so that Nick can keep boning her long term. Jill, who is a real slut, thinks Leigh is a real slut. But Jill thinks she is less of a slut than Leigh since she only cheated on her husband Rob one time. That makes her more virtuous in her eyes.

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Jill tells Leigh the story of how she let herself be boned by Andrey the lifeguard. Leigh looks happy because she now knows that Jill has joined her in slutdom. Leigh says that Jill is just like her but Jill says she is more virtuous, as explained above.

Then Leigh raises the stakes and says she has not been sleeping with a guy named Nick, but rather a guy named Neil, who is Wendy's husband. Wendy is their other friend. Now Leigh has graduated to super slut.

This upsets Jill because Wendy is her friend too and she doesn't want Leigh to break up Wendy's marriage. So she sticks her nose where it doesn't belong and meets with Neil, Wendy's husband who is also boning Leigh. Jill tells Neil to stop sticking his p_nis inside of Leigh's v_gina. Jill also tells Neil that Wendy has a v_gina sickness and needs his support.

When Leigh finds out what Jill did, she gets very angry. She says she has already told Lawrence she is leaving him for Neil. This makes no sense for Leigh to do so before getting Neil to commit being with her long-term.

Meanwhile Wendy has to have an operation to remove the sick part of her v_gina. This book is cock-deep in details about the comings and goings of v_gina. Wendy tells Jill that she found out that Neil is boning Leigh and has thrown Neil out of her home. Now Wendy is racing to secure their joint bank account so she can steal as much of Neil's money as she can.

Meanwhile, Rob starts to bone Jill, but then she stops him. Jill is upset she let Andrey spray her v_gina with his sperm and is taking it out on Rob now.

Anyway, Leigh, angry with Jill, tells Rob that Jill let the Russian guy sperminate inside of her.

Rob is furious, doubly so because Jill let a 49 year old lifeguard bone her. I think if Jill had selected a lawyer or investment banker he might have felt better about her adultery.

Jill blames Rob for her adultery, saying he refused to have sex with her for six month, and she needed to feel some p_nis--any p_nis--in her v_gina. Jill has a point. When a woman gets married she expects a steady supply of p_nis. If you cut off the supply of p_nis she'll need to get a dildo, at a minimum.

Jill says she never meant for her adultery to happen. She didn't even know how she got into Andrey's car.  How does someone not mean for adultery to happen? How does Jill not know how she went to Andrey's apartment? Now she's just lying out of both sides of her mouth once her first defense, blaming Rob, didn't work. She might as well have said, "I don't know how that Russian p_nis got into my v_gina! One day I was just sitting at home balancing the checkbook and I blinked and I found myself in a strange bed with my clothes off and legs spread and a Russian p_nis thrusting into me! I have no idea how it happened!"

Jill tries to get Rob to bone her, but he pushes her away and orders her to move out of the apartment.

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