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Anita posts on 4/3/2011 7:44:11 PM "Ditto Angela"! Seems to me if Mr. Huddleston has a problem with anything the Countess has written, they HE should take it up, directly with her. I also enjoy the references to Carlos The Jackal in "well mannered Assasin. He was a ruthless destructive guy. Nice to know he is in prison.
Angela posts on 3/22/2011 9:58:11 PM Wow, so many interesting posts since my last visit here. I enjoy reading all of the comments, even the ones I disagree with. Mr. Huddleston, as I have said before, I don't understand why you would think Aline has made a mockery out of Edmundo Lasalle. Reading about him in her books, I feel nothing but the great love and respect she so obviously had for him. If you are detecting disdain,or any other degrading attitude on her part, I believe you are greatly mistaken. None of us will ever know the entire truth, because we simply weren't there to witness it as it was, and neither were a lot of the people responsible for the so called factual classified documents that you say prove these occurrences, or what you are saying didn't happen.
Anita posts on 3/6/2011 1:21:31 PM Over the past few years I have said the same thing as this message board is for the Countess and her books. For those trying to discredit her, please Avanti! Hopefully there will be more new magazine articles in english about her. I look forward to them.

Triall1c posts on 3/4/2011 11:33:07 PM Please everyone, can't we just all get along.
Anita posts on 3/3/2011 10:45:15 PM Unfortunately, I am not in a position to visit the National Archives,as I would like to do. Impossible presently. I AM looking forward to seeing a film develope from the books written by the Countess. It is my wish that this gets done while the Countess is alive and healthy. If a script is written from exerpts of all her books and melled together, with a great story line it will be a winner and testimony to her life!
Robert Huddleston posts on 3/3/2011 11:04:12 AM Anita: I commend you for your forgiving nature. Yet, I must remind you that the books under discussion are part of recorded history and, as one historian noted, history is an argument without end. As recently as last December the National Archives announced the release of a new batch of OSS documents with many more awaiting declassification. It is quite possible that more is to be learned of the espionage activities of Aline and Edmundo Lassalle as well as of their leaders, OSS director William J. Donovan and CIA director William Casey. Due to you keen interest I hope you are in a position to visit the National Archives: I'm not. Best wishes.
Triall1c posts on 3/3/2011 1:33:02 AM I think this is a good time to realize why those of us who frequent this board do so. We do it to re-count the MANY reason we value the Countess. Whether it be for her literary merit, her devotion to healthy democratic governments, her joie de vivre, her love of champagne and fun! Our mutual desire to KNOW this spectacular lady. A toast to the Countess!!! I stand by this and will never change my stance!
Anita posts on 3/2/2011 7:32:50 PM To Gil Griffith:Thank you so much for making this most recent statement. To Robert Huddleston: I HAVE read Edmundo. I have read Gil's Aunts books,all of them. These above mentioned books are all good! Now can we move on from all of this business once again started, but this time by MARK M.
Robert Huddleston posts on 2/28/2011 2:54:40 PM Rest assured, I am not MARKM and I've been quite upfront with my criticism of the Countess. I do, however, agree with the gentleman about The Spy Wore Red and The Spy Went Dancing. As I have written, Aline's treatment of her colleague (and so-call friend) Edmundo Lassalle was not only inaccurate as to important facts but grossly unjust and unprincipled. Can she dispute what I have written in Edmundo: From Chiapas, Mexico to Park Avenue? Don't bet on it!
Gil Griffith posts on 2/28/2011 2:12:59 PM I have known my aunt for over 50 years, and spent a lot of time with her before these books were written. In 1972 I flew to Spain with her and had to keep it a secret from my uncle, as Aline was on a mission and my uncle thought she was in Africa. My father is Aline's brother, and can vouch for her OSS activities as he was her constant companion for a season and occasionally acted as a 'beard' on her behalf. It was well known within our family what she was up before the books were written or published. Of course she embellished the stories to make them entertaining, and she is up front about that in the foreword. She has led a fascinating life which I feel honored to be a small part of. Every author has detractors, Aline is no different. Enjoy the books for what they are, and hopefully you'll see them up on the silver screen at some point.
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