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Sharon posts on 10/27/2011 8:48:53 PM The DVD is available on Amazon but as posted previously, can only be played on a Region 2 DVD player. It would be great if someone could add English subtitles to it and copy it (with permission from the production company) into a formart that could be streamed online. Even without the subtitles, it would be great to see online.
Robert Huddleston posts on 10/27/2011 5:06:43 PM Dear Angela and others, Enough is enough. Not at Roseanne's suggestion but at the suggestion of Edmundo's daughter. As Pepita has pointed out, what Aline has published can't be undone. It is something that she, her siblings and their grandchildren must accept and bear. Now, if you can tolerate me one more time, let me tell of a most interesting spy caper. At the end of the conflict in Europe,Sir willian Stephenson of British Intelligence established the WORLD COMMERCE CORPORATION. Frank Ryan, once head of OSS Secret Intelligence on the Iberian Desk, was made preasident and among other ex-OSSers employed Aline Griffith. As vice president was Ricardo Sicre, a Spanish-American former OSS counterintelligence agent with a fantastic history. The Board of Directors included, not only Sir Stephenson, but OSS's wartime chief, William Donovan. Almost everyone connected to WORLD COMMERCE had connections to British or American intelligence operations. Clearly, commerce was a codeword for intelligence. The Cold War was underway and it has been suggested that WORLD COMMERCE-liquidated in 1962- was a precurson to the Iran-Contra affair in the Reagan administration. In other words, that commerce was a means of pursuing clandestine operations. As for Recardo Sicre, whose wife, Betty Lussier, was also an OSS agent, see OPERATIVES, SPIES, AND SABOTEURS by Patrick O'donnell and my review of INTREPID WOMAN, Betty Lussier's recent memoir. Bye to all,
Anita Savino Fournier posts on 10/27/2011 12:05:31 PM Angela, you can go to IMBD and see an advertisement of the film, Garbo El Espia.

Angela posts on 10/25/2011 10:10:15 PM Anita, Garbo El Espia sounds wonderful. You would think with all the info flying around out there, we would find something on it. I'm going to keep looking for it. I agree with you, fact and/or fiction, Aline's books are the best. They are, after all, both. Long live duality and living with an open mind.
Anita Savino Fournier posts on 10/25/2011 6:59:18 PM Okay everyone, it is nice to see you all on the message board again. The Countess had suggested to me to view a DVD entitled "Garbo El Espia". I have searched everywhere, and finally IKIRU Films of Spain, responded. This Documentary includes Interviews of the Countess and others, and it won best documetary of 2009. Unfortunately it is not available in the USA. Which saddens me as I heard it was wonderful. Mr. Taylor who Robert mentioned has worked at the Nat'l Archives for years. It would be nice if he were in on all these discussions we have as he could shed much light on the subject of espionage. Let's face it: fact or/and fiction, it still entertains us all.
Angela posts on 10/23/2011 2:53:11 PM Robert, I'm sure you've noticed that when you go on Amazon and do a search for Aline's books, your book about Edmundo also pops up. Hopefully it gives you some peace of mind to know that many readers of her spy series will also read your book and come to their own conclusion. But for you to spend so much time trying to discredit her only makes you look petty, like a crow picking apart a carcass, and not like the fellow author you should be. It's okay to voice an opinion, but you come across like you were right there behind her during every episode of her life, and it's just not plausible. This is an entertainment forum, not a scientific think tank.
Roseanne H. posts on 10/22/2011 6:26:19 PM Sadly, Robert H. has been discrediting the Countess on this board for YEARS. He just will not accept the fact that we KNOW she embellished her writings, and yet we LOVE her books and great storytelling. Let it rest, Robert, once and for all. Enough already.
Kathy posts on 10/22/2011 6:02:31 PM For your research to be complimented by the person who provided the documents is a little somthing like someone looking in a mirror, isn't it? The Countess' books have been entertaining for many, not just factual history. End of snarky discussion.
Angela posts on 10/22/2011 5:21:23 PM Robert, Aline has clearly stated that she has changed dates of occurences. As for Edmundo's sad ending, I believe the Countess has stated that at the time she wrote about Edmundo's death, his cause of death was undetermined. You and Aline both agree that Edmundo died with his head in an oven. Yes, we know the dates don't fit, but she warns us of this beforehand, and it's not like she's claiming that her books are historical documents. If you really want to get technical about the criteria for fiction and nonfiction, we could probably discount every nonfiction book ever written, depending on your own personal beliefs and angle on the given subject.
Robert Huddleston posts on 10/22/2011 4:54:03 PM Dear Angela, You toss me too easy a challenge. Aline, In The Spy Wore Red, claims Edmundo, aka Top Hat, murdered a man in the casino at Estoril, Portugal on December 30, 1943. Robert says that Edmundo was in Washington with his family on Christmas 1943 and did not arrive in Portugal until May 10, 1944. Aline, In The Spy Went Dancing, claims Edmundo was murdered by the KGB in 1966, Robert says he died in 1974. These are but two examples of how the countess created facts that never were. Her books should have been marketed as fictional memoirs with fictional characters.
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