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Anita posts on 2/28/2011 12:54:01 PM Greg: I cannot wait to taste the cheese from the Finca, and of course you have a good point there: "COUNTESS DE ROMANONES CHEESE". a GOOD signature cheese from Pascualete to add to the inventory.
Greg R posts on 2/26/2011 4:09:44 PM I was unaware of the finca Pacaualete until this visit to the site. The Countess should have a cheese that she signs herself - Countess de Romanones! What a great Christmas present that would be for those of us who are fans. btw I don't think you really get the full impact of The Spy Went Dancing and The Spy Wore Silk if you haven't listened to the Countess read them. Then you are THERE! One of the things that comes through is her amazing attitude toward life. And is it fun to be a fly on the wall since she knew everybody.
Roseanne H. posts on 2/26/2011 11:55:32 AM MarkM, why would you suddenly appear on this message board to question the veracity of a book that was published in 1987, and to accuse the Countess of plagiarism? We all know that the Countess embellished her writings. She evens tells us in her forward that her purpose was to entertain, but that the core of her story is true. In addition, the former CIA director Bill Casey would NOT have agreed to favorably comment on her book jacket if she had been inaccurate or unethical. I also question why you would go to such extreme lengths to criticize the Countess, by writing on the review page of her book, on amazon dot com. Would you, by any chance, be using a pseudonym for your real name of Robert Huddleston who, after being told off by these readers, still posts using different names? If so, surely you have better things to do than making it your life’s goal to discredit the Countess. If not, then the question still is WHY, and why has no one else, since 1987, accused her of what you describe as QUOTE verbatim recitations END QUOTE from a Time Life book entitled THE SECRET WAR? I have been communicating with the Countess since 1988, and I have received many responses from her regarding her critics. I was, and still am, confident that her books are truthful and not stolen from the writings of others.

Anita posts on 2/25/2011 8:38:13 PM To Mark M: Where are you getting your information that The Countess' accounts are not factual? Did you not read the prologues and notes in her books?
Mark M posts on 2/24/2011 12:20:57 PM When I read "The Spy Wore Red", I was struck at how much verbage in Aline Romanones book that talks about her OSS training was lifted verbatim from Time Life Books' "The Secret War" from its World War II series, which was published in 1981. Then is all made sense when I read: “However, none of these authors could match Aline, the Countess of Romanones, who, between 1987 and 1994 published four books, The Spy Wore Red, The Spy Went Dancing, The Spy Wore Silk, and The Well-Mannered Spy, recording her involvement with espionage, beginning with Operation BULLFIGHT in Spain at the end of 1943. Although Alines (sic) had served as a cipher clerk in Madrid for the Office of Strategic Services, her supposedly factual accounts were completely fictional. (West, Nigel. Historical Dictionary of Sexpionage. Scarecrow Press. 2009.
Anita posts on 1/26/2011 12:01:08 PM Sharon, that is a great idea, and I look forward to seeing the interview of the Countess on youtube. Am trying to find the queso from Pascualete,but so far it is unavaiable here.
Sharon Stephens posts on 1/25/2011 9:47:21 PM The website is wonderful - and with Google web page translating tools, most of it can be read in English for those of us with limited Spanish ability. I believe I have a VHS of a 15 minute interview the Countess did several years ago from Pascualte. Once I find it I will post it to youtube, and will post the link here.
Kevin Cooke posts on 1/25/2011 9:30:03 PM Gil, Is it possible to pass a message on to Aunt Aline? News from the Dexter side of the family. kcooke2 (at)
Anita posts on 1/24/2011 2:45:37 PM Gil, this is wonderful news and I will go the the Website. Thank you so much for sharing this information.
Gil Griffith posts on 1/23/2011 10:46:18 AM My aunt and her sons have started selling cheeses from their finca in Pascualte. There are some nice photos on the web site: "I first came to Spain when I worked for the CIA during the Second World War. Here I met someone who a few years later became my husband, Luis de Figueroa y Perez de Guzman el Bueno, Conde de Romanones, who owned several farms in different parts of Spain. One in particular, Pascualete, I instantly fell in love for its rich tradition, historical value and unique ecosystem and since then I have dedicated my life to preserving the natural and cultural heritage, knowing that it has been transmitted for centuries from generation to generation. I am very proud that a product that for years I shared with my family, friends and guests can now be enjoyed in every home in the world..." Google FInca Pascualete if you're interested in seeing more about the property at the heart of The Earth Rests Lightly and The History of Pascualete.
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