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October Mist posts on 10/10/2011 12:48:23 AM Does anyone know for sure if the books will become movies? I love the books, bought them second hand by accident and read them over and over!
October Mist posts on 10/6/2011 4:36:41 AM I saw pictures of the jewelry from the Countess and agree that the pieces look antiquated. I also believe that she DOES need the money especially if she is maintaining so many properties. I am certain it gets expensive since Spain is expensive to even visit! I had a feeling that she and her sons fell out over money and greed. That is what usually happens in wealthy families, but hopefully she has a better relationship with the grandchildren. They probably live with her in Madrid to save money. If u think that is ludicris, guess again. Things have changed and the rich must also change. I maintain that her books are FICTION with a flair for the dramatic based upon some actual events. Yes, they are highly entertaining and I love this message board to get additional information. I know she has her fans, but let us not relinquish critical thinking and believe all that she has written and even bragged about in her "novels".
Anita posts on 8/21/2011 1:35:38 PM Angela and Roseanne H., Yes, I would start with the first discs, and thus watch the whole series. It is fascinating and seems to me more real that most of these movies re; WW II OSS and French underground, etc, as I think most of them tend to "sensationalize". Also, if you have not seen "Charlotte Gray", it is a good choice, and the character portrayed has been taken from the life of a real Spy, who just recently passed away in her 90's. Although it tends to drag a bit in places. I wonder if the Countess has seen all these movies and I frankly think she has. I would love to hear "her take" on them.

Angela posts on 8/17/2011 8:49:19 PM Thanks, Anita. I found some clips of Wish Me Luck on youtube, and it is very engrossing. I love the characters and authentic feel of the setting. Whoever produced this series should do the Countess' story for the big screen.
Roseanne H posts on 8/10/2011 10:30:54 PM Anita, I checked on the DVD Wish Me Luck and found that there are three series, each with 2 discs. I guess I should start with the first series!
Anita posts on 8/9/2011 8:56:22 PM My local Library here is doing an Inter Library Loan search for me, and I will hopefully have the book soon. Let's see what happens. Maybe the title is a bit screwed up but we will find out. Also, I have watched a British movie entitled "Wish Me Luck" and I have found it to be the best movie done re: WW II, and Intelligence Agents(Brits) dropped behind the lines in France. This is certainly MORE realistic than any I have seen and I have seen a lot of them. It is a Series, and comes in 2 Discs from Netflix. You all need to see this one. I think this is so "Aline" and reminds me of her books to a great degree especially the training they receive before becoming agents.
A Writer posts on 8/4/2011 4:18:16 PM Unless there has been a change you cannot copyright a title.
Roseanne H posts on 8/4/2011 1:22:06 PM The book sounds great, but I wonder how was the author able to use the same name as the 1954 movie, which starred Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson.
Anita posts on 8/3/2011 1:34:40 PM Well Angela, I thank you as it has been a long while since I have found a book such as you mentioned here. Therefore, I will run down to the Library and request it. "The Last Time I Saw Paris, sounds absolutely wonderful. If she sounds like The Countess then she is one "resilient & determined cookie" as a character. I look forward to reading this novel.
Angela posts on 7/21/2011 3:02:01 PM I am half way through a book entitled The Last Time I Saw Paris, by a fabulous new author, Lynn Sheene. It is fiction, set in German occupied France where the lead character is a socialite from Manhatten that becomes a spy for the resistance in France. For all of you who are starved for something with the Countesses' flavor, you will love this book. The character Claire reminds me a lot of Aline, with her feisty, fly by the seat of your pants demeanor and built in elegance.
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