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Anita posts on 8/17/2013 6:58:09 PM Paul,and also to Sarah, The Countess knows exactly what is posted here.That much I can tell you. Paul, I think it very interesting that your Parents met at the Embassy in Madrid during WW II. I bet they have wonderful stories they can tell.
Paul Emmanuel posts on 8/16/2013 2:02:37 PM I see where I made my mistake in posting. Sarah, If you can contact the Countess, please ask her if she may have known either of my parents who met at the embassy in Madrid during the time she writes about: John Emmanuel was Naval Attache and Janet Dickey, my mother, said she was a secretary but we have since found out that she worked for Naval intelligence. I thank you in advance, Paul Emmanuel
Sarah posts on 8/16/2013 5:11:57 AM You can read most of "The Countess" chapter on the Amazon book preview site. Pretty interesting! I'm off to Madrid this weekend - might see if I can run into the Countess! :)

Tracy posts on 8/10/2013 7:15:43 PM Hi, does anyone have am address where a note can be mailed/emailed, posted, etc, that Aline will read? Thanks in advance, Tracy
Bob posts on 8/10/2013 3:20:56 PM Kate Christensen, in her autobiography, THE BLUE PLATE SPECIAL,includes an interesting chapter titled THE COUNTESS
Anita Fournier posts on 7/15/2013 10:01:27 PM My computer has been down for a week and just now working again. I asked the Countess about the book being in English and last year she was working with an agent here in USA. Not sure if the book is being printed or not. We would all love to have it!
Bob posts on 7/13/2013 4:23:41 PM Is there a chance this book will be translated into English?
Tracy Hans posts on 7/13/2013 1:36:15 PM Hi! I haven't seen writing recently, I'm wondering about the countess. Does anyone know a way to get a message to her? Thanks so much! Tracy
Anita Savino Fournier posts on 11/11/2012 9:57:07 PM I now have a copy of The Countess of Romanones new book, END OF AN ERA. This was graciously given to me by my friend Roseanne Piraneo Hill. It is wonderful! I hope all of you get to read it!
Anita Fournier posts on 8/29/2012 12:52:43 PM In the SPY WORE RED, the Countess waa trained at what was called, "The farm". The farm was also called RTU. There were many sections of the farm, such as sections A,B.C.D.E.F. and these were all seperated teaching special training in things, such as special type operations, cypher coding, etc. If any of you stateside order movies from NETFLIX, the following movie: Garbo: The SPY is now available and the Countess is featured four different times speaking about the OSS. This is an extremely well done, different documentary with a wonderfully different sort of soundtrack. Kudos, to Aline, the Countess of Romanones.
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