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Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/26/2009 8:15:56 PM [RAVENPAW:] The she-cat felt small compared to Razor, but it didn't itimidate her all too much. Ravenpaw listened to him speak with her ears directed toward him; giving her full attention. "What were in the silver cans?" she asked questioningly, her whiskers twitching slightly. Ravenpaw was simply a curious apprentice.
Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 7/25/2009 12:49:06 AM (Haha, a tough apprentice, is she?) Razor: ''Well,'' I mew, ''there are a lot of buildings and these silver cans where most city cats get their food if not mice.'' I sighed mentally; how was I to explain this when I didn't know the city all that much?
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/24/2009 9:37:12 PM ((Oh my god, it's actually sad for me to read... which is sorta pathetic on my terms, heh. Sorry if this is creepy and whatnot, but I loved Nightstar since he was Nightstorm, haha)) [RIPPEDSTAR:] The tom made up his mind and slowed his pace, changing his direction slightly, heading toward the familiar scents. Ah, and Runningbrook was with him too? Interesting. Quite interesting, indeed. Rippedstar didn't bother trying to cover his scent, he rarely ever does, as he put himself in plain site for them to see. "Oh, look at you. Poor thing," Rippedstar mocked Nightstar's apperance at once. Last time he saw his 'friend' was when they fought in combat over borders when he was deputy, then known as Nightstorm. "Greetings again, Runningbrook," bloodlust instantly clouded his eyes, but he dug his claws in the ground, unseen, to keep himself from doing anything yet. ((In that case I switched Ravenclaw to Ravenpaw so we could start up on one apprentice at least xD ))[RAVENPAW:] The thin she-cat matched her pace with his, meaning she had to take longer steps then normal. Her face was expressionless, the only thing that ever really shined through was the grief in her eyes. "Ravenpaw," she mewed meekly, looking at the Earth's carpet beneath her soft paws. Twitching her whiskers she lifted her head up a bit higher, "So, your from the city? What's it like there?" she asked kindly, a small spark of true curiousity shining in her eyes.((Heh, let's see how easily Razor can answer that when he's not really a city cat ^.~ ))

NIghtstar (Waterclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/24/2009 1:54:52 PM Nighstar sat silently looking into his reflection. His daughter Runningbrook appeared next to him. There eyes exactly in the same, her body resembling her mother Thornheart. He stood up, his ears standing straight up. Rippedstar? His eyes narrowed ever so slightly and his once strong body became tense. Was this the end? ((Oh, how sad. I will miss this character. It feels wierd writing him in a nonstrong point of view ahaha.))
Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 7/23/2009 10:28:54 PM (I just noticed that all cats are warriors. Maybe we should make some kits and apprentices,too. Just a thought.) Razor: I nod as the she-cat follows my pace. ''I never caught your name, may I ask what it is?'' I mew. ''Mine's Razor.''
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/23/2009 7:58:18 PM [RIPPEDSTAR:] The dark gray colored tom bolted through the trees of the forest. His head was held high from his over night and day journey. Tiny transparent drops began to fall from the sky lightly, making the dirt beneath his paws become moist. Rippedstar hid a smirk, for what he had just done would enrage all the clans. But now it was time to get back to camp before Boulderclaw decided to make any kind of bold moods. Rippedstar was quite aware that his deputy hated when he was away for long periods of time without explanation. The massive tom was soon back into his own territory, wisking along the boarder. He scented the air, Nightstar? Could that truely be his old friend? Rippedstar debating on whether to chat or not. [RAVENCLAW (Cloudclan):] The light gray she-cat sat outside the warriors den, watching as the new addition, Razor walked out. Her black eyes followed him as he walked to the enterance. Getting to her feet, she padded beside him. "I'm joining you," she mewed meeting his gaze.
Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 7/22/2009 10:09:28 PM (I'm on, for a while.) Razor: I wake up, soon realizing that we were in Cloudclan and stretch to hunt,walking to the enterance.
Stormcloud (Waterclan Tom) posts on 7/22/2009 11:37:58 AM *He padded outside the warriors den to be greated by a small drizzle of rain making his gray fur appear dark. He stretched, his legs rippled with power. Quickly he padded outside of the camp walls determined to find some food for the clan before he ate. He came to a halt scenting a small mouse. Instinctly he dropped into a hunters stalk and leaped killing the mouse immediatly.* (ANYONE HERE??)
Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 7/16/2009 7:32:34 PM (Sure, that would be a good idea.)
Nightstar (Waterclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/15/2009 4:55:13 PM *Nightstar padded through the forest, his daughter by his side. He was still strong but his health was slowly dieing. He decided he would take one last run, no matter how badly it would cost him. He lunged forward his legs had become stiff with age. But he could feel the them wokring one with his body. It was like he was flying through the air. He ran to the creek that seperated his border and Deathclans. Comming to a complately stop he sat down panting. He felt good, exactly like he could take any warrior that may appear.* ((How about since obviously he can't die if there is no battle. He died on this Border patrol with Runningbrook? Just a idea:D)
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