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Luxa the Underlander posts on 8/30/2009 6:12:46 PM Hey, I'm not exactly new on the site ( as you can see from my name) but I havn't been on this thread. I just got the book and havn't finished reading it. I go on suzzane collins tread a lot because her books are awsome. How many of you notice that board is always most recently posted on there? And if your looking for another good series read or look up on the internet the underland chronicles.
Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 8/20/2009 9:45:41 AM (Well, school is almost here...I guess people are catching up on the last days of summer vacation if not preparing for school.)
Dancingflame posts on 8/18/2009 8:33:26 PM I guess no one comes on here much anymore huh?

Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 8/4/2009 8:59:01 PM (I'll do that,then. I'll step Silverstar down into joining Deathclan and change the name to Silverfeather.) Silverstar: I walk alone among the trees, hissing. Half unprepared, Deathclan had attack, and Nightclan was destroyed. In truth, I had two choices, die or join. I pause, sitting by a river, giving a long thought, and finally come to a conclusion. I might not be known as a leader anymore, I thought, but I will still hold memories in my thoughts. With my mind made up, I walk to Deathclan, in small hope of joining, even if it ment stepping down. (I'll change the name once she joined.)
Stormpaw (waterclan Tom) posts on 8/4/2009 2:55:54 PM *Stormpaw sat and watched as Ghoststep was assigned Deputy. His blue eyes shone exactly like his mother's as the moon began to work it's way out from behind the clouds. He congratulated Ghoststep before heading back for the apprenetice den keeping away from most cats.*
Runningstar (Waterclan Leader She-cat) posts on 8/3/2009 11:35:26 AM ((Sure, it's up to you.)) *At dusk, Runningstar padded outside of her den to be greeted by all eyes. She knew they would all be waiting for this. She leaped onto the rock, her black fur shining in the moonlight.* ''Last night I recieved my nine lives and today i must pick the new deputy of Waterclan. It was a hard decisionn but, it must be done.'' *She glanced around the camp,* ''I picked a all around working warrior, and whom i trust with my life. Ghoststep will be the new deputy.''
Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 8/1/2009 4:37:41 PM (I see. Hm... Well, I suppose I could keep Silverstar alive, but I guess I could have her join Deathclan instead of dying, and I could step the name down, back to Silvefeather if you want. Or you could do another rouge battle and kill her.)
Boulderclaw (Deathclan Deputy Tom) posts on 8/1/2009 4:15:19 PM ((Silverstar was already run out. We didn't kill her though cause we didn't know if you would want that.))
Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 7/31/2009 5:25:24 PM (So Nightclan and Mistclan have been driven out already, is that correct? Should I get rid of Silverstar, then, if you want? Since you did the battle and such.) Razor: ''Well, there were loads of things,'' I mew. ''Small scraps of raw meats, but they are in these bags that you'd have to rip apart to get to them.''
Soulfire (Desceased Nightclan Shecat) posts on 7/31/2009 4:08:56 PM [Zomgosh! Long posts! That makes me happy. Liv you really need to call me or at least email me sometime XP i iz so lonely. Anyways im gonna make a character soon. LONG LIVE THIS HERE BOARD :3]
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