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Larry Williamson posts on 12/30/2015 7:46:21 PM Did the 5th Amanda Garrett book ever get printed? Where can I find the book? I'VE read an reread 1 thru 4. HELP! !
Michael Duke posts on 7/19/2014 10:46:13 PM My condolences to Jim's family in this time of loss. I am a huge fan of his work and I will miss the adventures of Amanda Garrett the most. I wonder if the 5th book can now be published in English to help support his family, I for one would contribute to any crowd funding or e-publishing effort.
Erin Taylor posts on 7/10/2014 5:43:16 AM Good Morning to all James H. Cobb fans and friends. Jim is my cousin, and with a heavy heart I feel compelled to inform his audience that he passed away the other night (July 8, 2014) at 10:15pm surrounded with love by his mother and close friends. He will be buried in the family (Nygaard) cemetery plot in Idaho Falls, ID. No local service or memorial dates have been set yet. Thank you for loving his talent as he chose to express it.

Greg Burton posts on 6/25/2014 12:18:25 PM Jim, Thanks so much for the information on James Cobb. Although the news is not good, at least some of us now know why no more books. Please let him know that we are all praying for his recovery. Not just for our selfish reasons but him as well. Anyone that has given us so much should be able to reap and enjoy his own life Like many others I have just re-read all four of his Amanda series and now hope there will be another. Get well Mr Cobb.
Jeff Knutson posts on 6/20/2014 12:24:13 AM My name is Jeff Knutson, and I've been a long time friend of Jim's since 1975. So for all of you out there that want to know a little more about him, here you go. The reason there hasn't been anything new coming out, is because Jim has been battling with non-Hodgkin lymphoma for the past 6 years. He has been trying to write, but the medications and treatment have not allowed him to keep his thoughts in tact enough to write. He is currently working on two new novels (the titles of which, have not been determined). One is a fantasy book and the other is a UFO Historical-Fiction book. I have only read small excerpts of the Fantasy book, so I can't tell you much about that one, but the UFO book is FANTASTIC!! If Jim is unable to complete either of the books, I will be talking to his Mother about finding a writer, or writers to help finish the stories, and get them out there. I will try and get some more information together, and post it here (and on other sites) when I get it all together. Since his death appears to be approaching us sooner than later, Jim asked me to put together and give Jim's eulogy. Jim is Currently being treated at Tacoma General Hospital. Oh yes ... The "H" in James H. Cobb stands for Jim's namesake, his uncle Harvey. If anyone wants to pass on a message to him, just send me an email.
john M posts on 8/14/2013 4:44:11 PM Anyone have any idea where I can buy Target Lock ? I have it in paperback but really want this to finish my collection in e-books of Mr. Cobb Thanks
james r muri posts on 10/8/2012 11:00:37 PM I have a sailing friend who knows Jim Cobb's brother. According to his brother, Jim Cobb is struggling with some sort of cancer. Let's all pray that Jim overcome this adversity and return to writing again.
Richard Pini posts on 8/18/2012 3:47:11 PM This is totally from left field. I wouldn't know of Mr. Cobb except that a mutual fan put me on to the fact that he named a bunch of the hi-tech vehicles in "Sea Fighter" after characters in Elfquest. Which got me to read that volume, then seek out the others in the series. I just wanted to say hello and thanks for both some great reading and the literary shout out!
Erik posts on 8/6/2012 9:25:22 PM Where is this mythical 5th book and where can I buy it? Just checked Amazon, nothing new since Nov 2008. I wish Cobb would just get a very nice cover done and self publish on Amazon. I'm not sure what happened back in the day but he either ticked someone off, or the series just didn't sell well enough to warrant anyone publishing the 5th book. I personally recommended Baen to him. But they couldn't come to a meeting of the minds and so here we are years later still waiting. I feel for him I do, seems like he's had a tough row to hoe as a author. I still hope the 5th book will come out in English. Anyone know anyone in the movie industry? Help the man out. Best wishes for JHC.
Bryan posts on 8/6/2012 6:59:29 PM So - years later is there another Amanda Garrett book in the series
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