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Wes Logan posts on 9/2/2008 11:05:18 AM Re.: Sea Strike Hard Cover, Page 46, Line 7 (From the bottom). Captain Garrett is scheduling a meeting. "...division heads for oh one hundred hours this afternoon." 0100 hours is 1am (after midnight); that should have been 1300 hours (afternoon noon, "this afternoon"). Being a new reader of your material, I would hope that you strive for maximum accuracy in your novels. Wes Logan (Semper Fi)
Richard Herman posts on 7/26/2008 6:44:26 PM Mr. Cobb, All your fans want you to do another Amanda book!!! Forget this collaboration with others. Please! Amanda is our hero(ess). Give us more.
Susan posts on 7/11/2008 2:22:04 PM Like the previous poster frm Germany, I am anxiously awaiting the next Amanda Garrett book. Hope to see it soon!

Friederike V. posts on 4/17/2008 7:55:33 AM Hello, I'm a fan from Germany too and I'm thankful for this message board, cause that's the only place (for german fans) to get news about my favorite novel. In Germany it's very difficult to get more of James Cobb (in german language) than the paperback Amanda Garrett novels. So I hope there will be a new one soon. Greetings from Germany, Friederike
Sebastian Pohl posts on 3/20/2008 7:59:26 AM Thanks Mr. Cobb for the Good News ! Im a fan from Germany. greez form Germany Sebastian
James Cobb posts on 3/14/2008 1:56:42 AM Dear Stella & Company Honest to Gosh I've been trying to post here for the past couple of months but for some reason the board just hasn't been picking them up. I'll give it anothert try though. 1; Currently I'm working on my second book in Robert Ludlum's Covert One series, but due to aspects of the contracting I can't talk about that yet. 2; We are still working on getting the 5th Amanda book out there but for a number of reasons I can't talk about that yet. 3; There is the possiblity of an all new Amanda project in the near future involving another major technothriller author but I can't talk about that yet either. I can say that the next new Kevin Pulaski hot rodding mystery story will be out in the August issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and that I'll be a guest panelist at Norwescon 31 in Seattle, WA. this March 20-23
Stella White posts on 3/10/2008 9:16:46 PM As nothing has been posted on this board sinc July 2007 I assume that everyone has got fed uo with waiting for news on the next Amanda novel. James, How about an up date on what is going on. You have got a lot of fans out here. If there is good news we would like to hear it. If it's not so good we will encourage you with our support. Never mind those who like to pick holed in your work, most of us are just thrilled to read them.
David Chotiner posts on 12/25/2007 2:21:54 PM To: Jim Cobb Dear Jim - Since your post in July - is there any further word about a Publisher for the next Amanda Garrett Novel? Can you share updated information?
Ren posts on 12/9/2007 1:22:03 AM Is there any additional information on the next installment to the Amanda Garrett series? I truly enjoyed the other novels especially Choosers of the Slain.
Gene Engebretson posts on 11/28/2007 4:00:32 PM I agree,Arctic Event is a truly exceptional read. I have enjoyed all the "Covert One" novels, but with the addition of a new, very feminine historian. I also have enjoyed all of the Matt Helm books by Donald Hamilton, and still am excited when I find one I have not recently read. I can see that Mr Cobb's books will be very high on my list of favorites. I particularly enjoy his touch with his female heroines, and his depiction of Col. Smith seems true to the former authors within this series as well. His flying scenes seem well done, and I could easily visualize this book in a film. While I will not try to cast this in advance (if ever) of any film release, I can visualize as well several well known names playing major roles in this. Lets have many more, Mr Cobb, Please!
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